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    Default Diaper Boosters/Doublers Information

    I have always been a big fan of wearing boosters/diaper doublers to help with the capacity of disposable diapers, and I figured I'd tell of my experiences with them. If you appreciate this, it is something I could put in the wiki with a little bit more work, I think.

    Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters (pictured middle, below) are my personal favorite. You can get them from XP medical, and they fit well in virtually all youth, small, and medium size diapers. They are the most absorbent booster of this size that I have ever found. If you are having challenges with smaller size diapers not holding enough, and find that medium size diapers are a bit big on you, these are a great solution. You can also put two of them inside a diaper to make it last even longer. A great product.

    Abena Abri-Let Maxi boosters (pictured bottom, above) are absolutely huge, and will only work in a medium size or larger diaper. If you're looking to really extend a diaper's capacity, this is the one for you. I've only had limited experience with it (as I rarely wear a medium size), but I can tell you that it extends a medium sized diaper's capacity by more than I've ever seen. You could easily go a full day in one (watch out for rash!!!).

    Medline Double-Ups (pictured top, above) would be good in a toddler-size diaper, but don't help a whole lot with the adult diapers.

    Tranquility TopLiner (pictured above) are doublers similar to the Abena Abri-Let Normal. Their absorbency is comparable, but definitely not as much as the Abri-Let Normal ones. You can get all of the tranquility products from NorthShore Care, but my advice would be to get the abena boosters over these any day. You'll save money, too. (Abri-Let Normal are $12.95/pack of 50 while the Tranquility TopLiners are $8.79/pack of 25).

    Tranquility TopLiner Contours (pictured above) are a very good booster, but again, beware of these in a smaller size diaper. I'd recommend the Abri-Let Maxi over these as well, though these can help with cleanup and they offer extra protection from leaks as they hug the legs when worn.

    Of course, I only listed boosters here that can be ordered from the internet, but it's definitely worth a try for all of you, whether your are IC or just like wearing diapers. They can also be especially helpful for those of you that don't have the means to buy higher quality diapers but still want to be able to securely wear a less-expensive brand out of the house.

    One thing to beware of, though, is that boosters will increase the thickness of a diaper, ESPECIALLY when they get wet. Thus, tighter fitting jeans and the like would NOT be recommended! Definitely baggy pants/cargo shorts/etc. if you are going somewhere. For this reason, you may choose to only wear them at night.

    Does anyone else wear these or have any other recommendations? I'd be happy to hear your feedback.

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    Thats great information, but I'm presently useing 2 microfiber hand towels in my walmart diapers, if the are folded right they work great, and they are washable.

    I like the idea of a booster I did use the Tena guards for a little bit, but the cost, and the fact that I just had more trash to throw away, got me thinking along more economical lines.

    I have been experimenting with these for a few months, I find one is good but two is better, and three is too much unless I want to go to a size large in a diaper.

    When I wet I like to flood, and they work great for that but they have to be folded right to accept the sudden burst.

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    I've been using Abri-let maxis for two years now, and they're an excellent product that helps spreading wetness in a more uniform way also in diapers that don't have a great quality absorption polymer. Let's say that 95% of the time I spend diapered I'm also wearing a booster, otherwise I don't feel padded enough.

    Obviously the Abri-lets reach their maximum performance combined with Abriform X-pluses: I wear the mediums, and Abri-let maxis are specifically engineered to fit inside the X-plus medium and large (although they comfortably fit inside any of the medium and large sized diapers I've tried so far).

    Sometimes when I'm going to wear for an extended period of time (12 hrs or more) I use two abri-lets instead of one, and that makes a great diaper combination for heavy wetters, expecially adding a pair of plastic pants over them. Using a barrier cream in this case is mandatory for avoiding the risk of rashes.

    In the past I also tried boosters by Tena and Soffisof, they were similar to abri-let maxis in size but they were slightly thinner and thus less absorbant, not to mention they weren't as soft as abenas at the touch.

    Using a proper booster, in the end, is the most effective way to add pulp to your diaper and increase its capacity, vs. all the "experimental" boosters like baby diapers with cuts in the plastic backing that, apart from requiring a preparation, imho cannot be as effective as something that is specifically designed for that purpose.

    Some time ago I read somewhere, probably on this forum, a quote that went more or less like this: "a good booster makes a cheap diaper good, and a good diaper amazing".

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    Default Doublers

    I have been using 8 toddler baby diapers as soaker pads in my cloth diapers.
    I wear 4 adult 36x36in diapers and my 8 toddler diapers at one time. Yes, it is thick, but that is the way I like'em!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbiec View Post
    I have been using 8 toddler baby diapers as soaker pads in my cloth diapers.
    I wear 4 adult 36x36in diapers and my 8 toddler diapers at one time. Yes, it is thick, but that is the way I like'em!!

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    Also available in many grocery stores are "Diaper Doublers", which are cheaper than the other products listed in the above reviews. They appear about like the middle pad in the top picture. They are about 10 inches long and about 3 inches wide. I have used two in a normal diaper, and they work well. They also help to prevent "side leaking".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbiec View Post
    I have been using 8 toddler baby diapers as soaker pads in my cloth diapers.
    I wear 4 adult 36x36in diapers and my 8 toddler diapers at one time. Yes, it is thick, but that is the way I like'em!!
    love your idea, and you are so right, love my thick cloth diapers as well
    happy thick diaper days.

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    Thanks for posting this. I'm not a huge fan of stuffers... if I want a longer lasting diaper I'll just use one of the Dry 24/7s... but it's good info to have.

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