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Thread: Mothers!!

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    Red face Mothers!!

    Right so last night I was talking to my mum about putting my washing away and told her there was certain draws off limits and she knows about me being abdl so not even an issue so what does she do today she came into my room i tell her which draws she isn't allowed in and then what does she do look in them I was LIKE hiding under the covers in bed squealing no looking! and stop it but she looked anyway and was like BENNY i was like what and she was like they are for old people and its good your embarrassed well i not going to beaming and proud am I mother honestly Could have Died in that moment! but she has done anything other than be okay with it so meh at least she knows where they are and stuff ...

    just though i'd share with you the embarrassing morning i've had

    xx Pampersboylondon

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    If she knows you are AB/DL - why is she giving you a hard time when she finds them? This confuses me greatly...

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    cause she thinks it's funny and is so bloody nosey and she didn't give me a hard time just a bit of a joke and can you please stop wearing them almost so in one way she rather i didn't and in other ways she is fine with it i think it was the shear
    quantity of nappies have nearly 100 of them adult sized so i'm sure you can imagine what she must be thinking

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    Fair enough. Well congrats for having such an understanding mother!

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    The best way get someone to look at something is to tell them not to.

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    I'm sorry, but I couldn't read your post.. Could you fix some of the grammar errors, please?

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    Attempt at translation:

    Last night, I had a discussion with my mother about where to put my washed clothes. She knows I am AB/DL and I have several drawers full of diapers. Anwyay, before she put my washed clothes away, I told her which drawers were OFF limits. Regardless of me telling her this, she proceeded to go through the forbidden drawers. I told her to stop but she did it anyway. My mother said that the diapers should be for old people and that I should be embarrassed, and embarrassed I was! Oh well. She seemingly has accepted it and doesn't really care for the most part. At least she knows where all of them are now :3


    Boredom is fun.

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    I hate when I draw something and my mom looks at it. It's so irritating. D:<


    SweetAndSour's translation makes more sense. ._.

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    Wait, you get your mum to put your clothes away for you?

    Take responsibility for your life and your fetish.... ffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Wait, you get your mum to put your clothes away for you?

    Take responsibility for your life and your fetish.... ffs.
    To be fair, when she DID look, he hid under the covers and squealed.

    That's always the best defense.

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