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Thread: It's amazing how many "babyish" things people do everyday.... I really do believe everyone regresses to some point...

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    Default It's amazing how many "babyish" things people do everyday.... I really do believe everyone regresses to some point...

    Well as it stands I"m in a new life. With new people and what not. My best friend here is a 22 year old girl.... I'm 20..... odd thing is what would two 20 something year old of the opposite sex talk about? Stuffed animal..... Or rather how much I miss mine and how lucky she is for bringing hers. I didn't bring mine for two reasons (didn't want roommate hassle and didn't have enough space in my bags) So yeah I find it quite funny that me and her had a conversation about our stuffed animals where we got them from how or what we named them etc. How awesome it is to have them and what not.

    Why do I feel like posting this now? Well me and her where watching some movies tonight... and she was so cute holding her hippo and making it dance saying she danced and cuddling with it.... (note her room mate was also with us) I just looked at her and said "stop rubbing it in my face!!" XD I really do miss my bear but I can mange without... but seeing that was striking.... Most all of us regardless of how macho or whatever have something we like to do to regress. My room mates like playing retro games. Reminds them of childhood. I'm just seeing this more and more on a daily basis.... Plus seeing a cute 22 year old girl hugging a stuffed hippo and playing with it is just too freaking cute.... XD Funny thing is she doesn't know I"m an AB... she probably won't know ever. But talking about stuffed animals seems... normal.... normally odd. But I'm not ashamed of it. I'm comfy with who I am and what I am. No one needs to know underlying causes... overall things are interestingly awesome! XD.

    SO yeah I guess I wanted to blog this and have some nice discussion going about things you've bonded with people over... infantile things like teddy bears, old cartoons, blankets or what have you..

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    Well, my wife isn't AB, but she has a TON of stuffed animals. So, we at least have that in common.

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    I have plushie purses that I take with me everywhere. I make them 'talk' to people.

    Like...I was having lunch with some people and I kept putting the empty wrappers in front of my lion purse and saying "Look at how much you've eaten!" I took him and leaned over and asked someone at the table "Are you gonna eat that?" in a lion-ish voice.

    The only thing that anyone has ever said to me about it is "YES I'm going to eat this!" and "You are such a big kid." To which I replied "Much better than being a grouchy old woman, right? I'll get my cane. Get off my lawn! Get me some prune juice!"

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    It's cool having mates like that, who are still in touch with fun childhood stuff. My old flatmate (29) used to watch the cartoon channels almost every day, but it was stuff like old x-men, transformers and manga etc. We also watched a few films together like Toy Story, Lion King and Finding Nemo. Maybe that's more childish than babyish though. But anyway, I find people boring who do stuff like reading the financial times for fun.

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    I personally question where I fall into the AB/DL spectrum now. I don't really have the same drive for diapers that I used to and they seem like they are getting less and less interesting. That may be the sign of a hard purge coming, which would make some sense since I haven't had one in a while.

    However my AB side is very different from my DL side. The two aren't really connected at all from what I can tell. I developed my AB side after trying stuff out after I joined this site as a DL. I love my teddy bear and it just feels so good to hold him, I enjoy my paci's from time to time and on very special occasions my bottle. But my AB side isn't remotely interested in diapers or any simulated incontinence.

    I guess it just goes back to myself being very complex, but it just feels odd to have this kind of a position on AB/DL while being active on a forum for it.

    At college I was very surprised at how many people had plushies though. Most of the girls I know have them and my last roommate didn't even ever make a comment about me sleeping with a plushie. Not sure if he ever noticed that I slept with a paci because I tried to keep that hidden.

    I guess it's because I prefer an age around 4 years old when I regress or act childish.

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    But is it actually a form of regression?

    Everybody has a sense of nostalgia, I guess, and some things that they liked as a young child may still be fun or worthwhile. That doesn't automatically imply that they regress; they'll probably still feel the same age, and do not wish to feel any younger. And this simple feeling of nostalgia can occur in a lot of different ways; visiting a spot that was important to you when you were a kid, watching a certain tv show, et cetera. Doing something like this does not make you an 'AB-light' by definition, although it could still be possible (albeit unlikely) that this person is interested in actual regression as well.

    In an adult state of mind, I don't really care a lot about stuffed animals. When I'm not regressing, you won't see me with a pacifier in my mouth. But these are things that help me feel like a toddler again, and in that state of mind, I really like it. It's just different from the ordinary perception of youthfulness - which doesn't mean it's wrong, of course, but I just don't think you can draw a parallel that easily.

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