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    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking on this site on and off for a couple of years now and only just got the urge to join. I've been interested in this world on and off for the past...16 years of my life... and have only for the past few years actually been indulging in it.

    In any case, glad to meet all of you and I'll see you around.

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    Glad to meet you too! But why don't you start off by giving us some of your non-TB/DL interests? Like sports, or something?

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    Sorry, at first I did not believe it was necessary. I don't normally like lengthy introductions.

    One of my interests involve classical pieces of literature. I'm no English or philosophy major, but I am a bit of an "epicophile" enjoying stories like that of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and Paradise Lost. I find it interesting to discuss themes like the duality of the wild and civilization, the role of women, and redemption with friends using epics like these as a basis.

    Other than that, I love classical and contemporary music, I hate Baroque with a passion, I don't listen to modern music as much, and I believe any board game besides chess is just plain boring.

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    Hi, Dhuum. How refreshing to find a member here not into Pop culture and video games (don't mean to offend if you are). I, too, am rather a classical music fan. You say you've had an interest in diapers for 16 years. What do you do now? Do you wear often, what kind?

    Hope to learn more about you

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    Welcome. After so many years of lurking I am glad you decided to join.

    Good Luck.

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    Hey, is that name a reference to the Guild Wars ex-god? o3o

    Because if so, you are awesome.

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    I hate Baroque with a passion,
    While I went through a baroque-fixated period I loved to hear you say wht yu did! to have a strong opinion on it is far more interesting than to have no opinion at all!

    It can seem formulaic and contrived, soul-less; clever words telling no story. I like clever words and also stories... But I also get the point of view of people who dislike things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy; I get why Adisc is the cat's meow to some and makes others head for the hills and run straight into the arms of Daily Diapers.

    Hey let's play a game! How about you, me, and Myworld08 find some classical we all agree on and like?

    I rather prefer the heavy metal guys, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Strauss (the good one, not the other, about whom I feel as you do toward Baroque,) Mussorgsky, Chopin... the obvious German... What say you guys?

    any board game besides chess is just plain boring.
    Wait, what? You like chess and not Baroque? <does not compute>

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    Chess is amazing! Hey, after all of that time testing the ground out, It must be pretty fun being part of it, enjoy it. My suggestions are, keep hanging around adisc, this place is the best community i'v found for AB/DL's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    My suggestions are, keep hanging around adisc, this place is the best community i'v found for AB/DL's
    I know, this is probably THE best!

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    Okay, Racoon, I get your game. From your list I certainly like Beethoven and BOTH Strauss' (Richard and Johann). I would also add Wagner, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I also love more contemporary classical/orchestral such as John Williams.

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