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    hi everyone im new here and just trying to find some excitement for a change im a good open hearted person , im abit athletic, im glad to be a diaper lover, and darn proud of it. i enjoy music , a good movie, and just taking time to cuddle with someone in a diaper. sorry girls but i am a gay white male ,With a good tan. well thanks for giving me this time to share with you all . hope to here from someone. see ya

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    Hello SpitTaker5 and welcome to ADISC :P
    Just one note i kinda think the "sorry girls" comment was kinda un-needed being that some of them
    are already "DATING" someone X3 Noobie mistake understandable. Also just to clarify your post made it seem liek we a dating site. We are not that but yeah just making sure never know i might be wrong XD. Umm Welcome I guess
    I hope you make good friends here and have a good time
    Im Noodle one of the few people here so yeah. Hop into the IRC at times, look around the forums and comment or make threads etc.

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    Hi Spittaker5, welcome to this awesome forum. Sounds like you are very open in real life about your diaper interest. If I'm correct, how did you get to this point in life? I wouldn't say I'm "darn proud" of wearing diapers, but I certainly like this part of myself. Anyway, would like to learn more about your journey in life.

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    trying to find some excitement for a change

    Well if diapers are exciting and being around a bunch of others who also indulge, then fair enough. I am perpetually excited about this forum, I look forward to meeting new faces and helping them in what small capacity I possess.

    As a support site I can't but imagine many people out there find us a bit dreary and often a downer, with discovery by parents here, inability to afford there, and shots of crotches nowhere.

    Our information is pretty good, our stories, our advice... I hope you find it exciting here to be here, but many kinds of exciting diaper-stuff just aren't our forte.

    im a good open hearted person ... im glad to be a diaper lover, and darn proud of it.
    Reasons to believe you will in fact like it here and fit right in. I am glad to be a diaper lover, just as I like being a real ale fanatic and driving a standard transmission. I would not say I am "proud of it" but nor am I ashamed of it; "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam." (wait for it there's aaaaaaaaaaaaalmooooooost a diaper reference in here...

    sorry girls but i am a gay white male ,With a good tan.
    Half the members are gay or bi, it seems to me; but that's neither here nor there. This did sound a bit like a come on, and I only mention it as Adisc is SOOO not built for hooking up romantically or sexually, and we can be a bit shirty to people who appear trying to get up to that.

    If so please don't take it personally. I know you won't, but you should understand why a person might say anything negative, if in fact they do. Me, I usually just point out the 18+ diaper sites are better equipped for dating (especially Diaperspace) and one can be here and on other sites at the same time, for different kinds of experiences.

    Phew. Glad that's out of the way.

    You know, honestly I don't even keep track of who's straight or gay here, mostly it isn't very relevant to me, unless I find myself praying for our gay brethren to find a boyfriend; my hunch is you do fine in that department and don't need my help!

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