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Thread: Newbie here

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    Default Newbie here

    Hallo, i'm new here! umm i just wanted to say hi to see if i'm welcomed =) My name is henry, i'm a tb/dl and i also am a bedwetter. Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here and well Hello Everyone!!! (Awkward post...)

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    You missed the right section of the forums by one.

    but welcome here. Also may I ask how you found this site?

    Also mods please move topic.

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    o soz didn't realize it was in wrong section. well i was a member of the old site before it crashed or whatever happened. i was only a member for a few weeks though.

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    Well than welcome back, and its fine that you missed the other section, we wont hate you...... for too long =).

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    How can we hate anybody with that avatar. It is fantastic. Go on, post in rate the avatar of the person above in thread games, you'll PWN.

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    Welcome to the site!

    ...on a side note, I didn't know we could have animated avi's :P

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