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Thread: 5 reasons why life gets better

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    Default 5 reasons why life gets better

    This is one of the more interesting and good articles I've read on

    5 Reasons Life Actually Does Get Better |

    (Yeah, that's all.)

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    Point number 3 is something I really ought to drill into my head...

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    I agree, an interesting and well-written article.

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    Sadly, none of those are guarantees at all. Except #3. That one I agree with 100%. Everything else... I'm not so sure. X_X
    I'll admit I laughed at "cats & marijuana seized" though...

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    haha, couldn't agree more.. This is exactly what I've been living trough the last couple of years. Been out on my own for a bit longer and I had good time in high school (primary was hell, tho) but the rest of it is pretty much spot on.

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    I read this yesterday an thought it was amazing. A great article, with a lot of great points. None of them are 100% true, but you can't expect that for everything. I'm gonna let my GF read it when I get the chance, I think she'll benefit from it.

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    that is an awesome article, it made me feel better.

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    Yeah this is something I've been learning on my own for a while self realizing it and what not ya know? I read this the hour it came out and by far this type of article is why I keep coming to cracked its just beautiful.

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    Totally agree with the article. Most of John Cheese's articles about life in general are pretty good.

    Number 3 (High School is NOT the Best Years of Your Life) is probably the one I agree with the most. People told me that all through high school and still tell me it now (long afterward). I do miss summer vacation (how the hell didn't I appreciate 3 months of vacation!), and I spent more time hanging out with friends and such, but in general I like having a job/house and generally being in control of my life a little more (which is of course the point of the article).

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