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Thread: Cloth diapers= A cheap alternative to plastics.

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    Default Cloth diapers= A cheap alternative to plastics.

    Here is my story.
    A few months back I began to look into buying some adult cloth diapers, At first, it was looking dismal as I was only find sites like ebay where people were selling single All-in-one(AIO) diaper for 30-40 bucks. Then somehow I stumbled across a site called "Alibaba" and searched "Adult diapers". This site gave me a list of manufacturers that made cloth diapers and sold them for far cheaper than any ebay user, but being manufacturers they only sold in bulk. However, I simply looked for one with a low minimum order requirement and I found one that would accept a minimum order of 50 AIO diapers with inserts. In short I got 50 cloth AIO one size fits all diaper for about $400 USD from China shipping included in about 2 weeks. I only use 12 out of those 50, the rest I've been selling on Ebay. That may seem like a loth of money but you'll save in the long run.

    Keeping them clean is easy also(for me anyways) Since I only use them for wetting, after I use them I leave them in the bathtub until I go to shower (don't act like that's so know you pee in the shower). When I go to shower I let the shower water run through them (the same shower water that I'm using to wash with at the time) to dilute any excess urine. Then I simply squeeze and repeat ( if you're squeamish about handling your own urine then you probably should find another fetish) until I'm finish showering, by the time I'm done they're nearly clean enough to wear again-but not quite-I then place keep the used and rinse ones in a tough duffel bag, which is then place inside of a large tupperware-type lock-lid container until washing. When I was I just wash them with the rest of my clothes and Items (Though its best if you use a cycle that will be cold-wash/hot-rinse. )

    This has worked for me repeatedly without a problem yet.

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    Ugh, I have no desire to wear cloth diapers, they don't look the same as regular diapers. They look more like underwear if you ask me.

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    Wow, that's a lot of cloth diapers. I may have about 15, most of them small gauze night weight pre-fold. Some are birdseye pre-fold. They last me through the week until I do laundry. I also clean them first in the shower, put them out to dry in the basement, and then do laundry once a week. I like the feel of real cloth instead of paper.

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    I like disposables too but I like to wear cloth when at home or I'm out of disposables.

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    I see you have them in blue, red, and green.

    Do they work real well? I mean how do they do as far as leaks? Can I wear them at night and not leak?

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    I prefer disposables becuase you don't have to clean them, and the crinkly, plastic feeling of them is unbeatable. However, if you prefer the feel of the cloth diapers, just go for it!

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    I have to agree with those who like disposables... the plastic is a must for me. I grew up with it I guess and a cloth diapers just wouldn't do it for me.

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    I like cloth diapers better because of the bulk.
    I like plastic backed disposables too but i prefer cloth.
    Plus you can find some really soft cloth diapers out there, it's like wearing a cloud

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    Could you send me a link to that sale? I'm interested.

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    For those of you who wear disposables, we who wear cloth also, or usually, wear plastic pants, giving that same, wonderful plastic feel. I certainly understand if you prefer disposables, because that's probably what you grew up with. I grew up with cloth, so that's why I'm attracted to them. That said, I love the wet feeling, and frankly, (blushes here) it makes me feel babyish....sigh.

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