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Thread: if you had to choose

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    Default if you had to choose

    hi all, if you could pick any baby nappy design to be made in to an adult size what would you choose?
    i would love them to make a adult size huggies the ones with winnie the pooh on them

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    I would love Spongebob or Go Diego Go

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    yea i know

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    Top five: Mickey and Minnie, Care Bears, 101 Dalmatians, Clifford the Big Red Dog or Arthur the Aardvark.

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    Pampers Cruisers Size 7, Pampers Baby-Dry Size 6, Pull-Ups, and Drypers from the late 90s

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    Pampers baby dry or luvs with Barney designs

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    I like pampers, myself, but as for specific designs, I would have to say Sesame street, since that's what my old pampers had.

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