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    How fast do you download torrents, average and max speed?

    My average is anywhere from 8-15kbps max is 20-50

    Just want to know what I can expect IF I ever can get dang cable. Rural area living sucks.

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    Well, the speed varies pretty widely depending on the health of the torrent. In the best case, you can saturate your downstream. If you get cable @10Mbps downstream, you will max out at close to 1MiB/s after overhead. If you want to get the most out of your torrent experience, remember to do the following:

    * Make sure your torrent client is set to share. BitTorrent uses a "tit for tat" system. If you are generous, you will be rewarded with better download speeds.
    * Make sure you are connectable (that is, that other users can connect in to you). That means that if you are using NAT (e.g. behind a router) you will need to set up proper port forwarding. You may also have to reconfigure firewalls if you're running any.

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    i average out at 120-150 kbs but i have been up to 200-205. but i have dsl ,cable wouldnt come out to our area(no one would actually at&t only came out because we had a contract with them.)

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    I have had speeds any where from 123kps to 2000kps on a 22mps line. It depends on peers really.

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    Yes, it does mainly depend on peers. But haiving a nice upload pipe is nice. On my system I cap it to about 23KB/sec out of a therotical max of 30KB/sec, but it is to ensure that the down pipe is still working otherwise my internet just dies if I max out my upload speed.

    But typically get 30, somethimes over 100 if one or two seeds happen to be generous for me.

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    I know it depends on peers, usually my upload is greater than my download.

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    It's all about the seeders. The more the better. The less leechers the better.

    On a private tracker I get full-speed most of the time, which on my connection is about 1.8MB/s.

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    you can download a gigabyte a second, but that won't help you at all as it all comes down to how fast the other peple can upload that whatever you want to you. But my average on Cable is 150-200kbps and the max was like 412kbps.....
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