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    Greetings fellow individuals!

    I'm not terribly good at these introduction type threads and it's been a long time since I've had to write one.
    But here goes!

    I am a stoic, somewhat reserved kind of fellow, in my early 20's and recently graduated from university, so just taking my first steps into the real world. As for my hobbies and interests, I'm an avid reader, in that regard I favour science fiction and fantasy, though admittedly those are broad genres. Other than that I play lots of games, watch too much TV, have woken up with far too many hangovers over the years and enjoy a good run. Science, philosophy, politics and technology are my major interests..far too much so really, I'm just a little obsessed.

    As for what I'm doing here? Just looking for a community of (relatively) sane like-minded individuals with whom I can discuss common and uncommon interests. Though mostly I'll lurk in the shadows like a shadowy..thing..

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    Welcome to ADISC. Judging from your name, I'd assume that you're interested in the philosophy of the mind? What are your favorite games?

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    Salutations! ^_^ Welcome to the site! Have fun lurking in the lurky shadows!

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    Hello shadowy thing! I love your username, it hadn't been used and it belongs to you and just you; well done.

    It would be a shame if you went back to lurking, your intro was very good and so is the man behind the name, I reckon.

    I would like to hear more from you. Like you I was mostly a scifi geek, fantasy from university on; while I am nostalgic for the days when sf "belonged" to the "in crowd" pre-starwars, with the advent of video gaming. and its going mainstream, it is a uniting factor among the abdl's, another commonality. It is something so commonly held and enjoyed it provides much fodder for common discourse; we have a lot to talk about besides our fashion preferences.

    While the abdl world has its nutjobs and extremists to be sure (apart from religious extremists) overall we are a pretty sane bunch. I see LESS - in fact hardly any evidence of serious clinical mental illness. It's true they may exist and simply hide away; and occupy the same proportion of the population as non-abdl. It is also possible they under-self-report, sticking to abdl-related issues, and nursing their tourrettes, narcolepsy, ocd, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, et al, in secret - but I don't think so.

    There's a lot of identity-related issues around, people wondering if something is "wrong" with them, why they like girls (or boys) but having diapers be a big ingredient in the mix, and all the issues involved in being a healthy integrated human being, with all one's sides co-existing in harmony.

    Many of us wrestle with competing parts of a personality: our little self, our furry self, our married self, our parent-self... gender confusion and sexual identity confusion and reconciliation. Reconciling all that is a heavy and difficult long-term affair.

    I find we are open and honest about who we show ourselves to be. (A support group does not function well otherwise.) But while some sorts of issues are endemic to the community, like all the things that arise from autistic-spectrum symptoms, I believe the openness we have indicates if other organic illness was prevalent we would hear about it.

    So apart from a lot of socially-related troubles, all the teen angst, anxiety over keeping secrets secret, being misunderstood and not accepted, we are, clinically speaking, pretty healthy. In a physical analogy I see a lot of coughs and colds but rarely cancer.

    The tg's and asexuals have much to teach us: they who grapple with and come to terms with being "different" in some fundamental ways. (The asexuals, girls and boys both, seem to recognize who they are pretty early and come to terms with it quite quickly and then get on with life productively.)

    Tg's (hetero/homo-romantic and m>f or f>m) have a burden, which is not handled young or easily. But their courage is a model to us all and their success, when that is the case, is all the huger and a shining example to we petty raccoons who plastic up in private, and to all our age-players with that slice of their personality to get on with and enjoy.

    On an upnote: I notice our gay guys seem to figure out their sexuality early, and embrace it thoroughly; this is in contrast to so many gay teens who go through torment and turmoil over that. They sure as hell had a tougher tine twenty or thirty years ago! Never mind the 50's in America which resemble Iran today! (Sux to be gay & Persian.)

    So yeah, we are a pretty sane bunch all told, a sane bunch with issues, but overall surprisingly well adjusted and integrated.

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