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Thread: Introduction? OK. Here goes!

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    Default Introduction? OK. Here goes!

    OHAI!!! I'm new to the site! (As if you couldn't tell by the introduction!) I'm a little shy sometimes, so sorry in advance!

    I found this site while looking for AB products and whatnot, so here I am. It seemed like a good thing to be a part of, with loads of information and other people to talk to.

    In my spare time I enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I am addicted!!! I am a college student, or I will be here soon again. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and I enjoy writing. (Really, I like to write...)

    I joined the site to talk to people and get information about being an AB and whatnot. I'll probably lurk for a while since I'm prone to being shy. Who knows, maybe I'll feel so comfortable that I won't be shy! Who knows?

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    Welcome iplayWoW, I think you will enjoy this place, I know I have since I joined just about a week ago. Since you like Warcrack, you should go to the groups list and join the WoW groups. I use to play WoW up until Feb then I stopped...couldn't afford it anymore.

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    Thanks! I just joined now! Thank you for the suggestion! ^_^

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    I grew up shy; that's cured now. Adisc had a lot to do with that; I feel comfortable and at ease discussing my abdl side. Thanks Adisc! If you are shy then be shy; come out slowly and get your feet wet before launching yourself in a canonball in the deep end; you see before you 20 000 potential friends, now all you need do is get to know who they are, a bit at a time, and you'll find it easy to make friends. If you have any trouble navigating the site, socially or in terms of its mechanics we are here to help! - part of the support on offer is using the site itself!

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    Thanks Raccoon! I'll keep that in mind for sure! I'm terrible with computers most of the time, with the exception of gaming and photoshop.

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