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Thread: My dedicated Minecraft server!

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    Default My dedicated Minecraft server!

    I finally got my new dedicated server running, some notes though, at the moment it is a whitelist only server, so message me prior to going on. I also do not want any talk of *B/DL stuff on there, as I have non-DL friends that do not know about my DL side of life.

    I run bukkit, so when new updates come out, there will be a downtime on the server.

    I can host a max of 10 people at a time due to my somewhat slow upload speed of 4 Mb/s.

    If anyone wants to get on, just message me. I only want people who can conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and will ban at my discretion if I think you are being an ass on the server.

    The rules for the server are Here Make sure you read them thoroughly.

    Other than that, I hope to see some of you on the server.

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    Why are you the only one allowed chainmail?

    On another note... you can make chainmail? O_o

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