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Thread: Who else is padded right now?

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    Question Who else is padded right now?

    bambino classico, oh yeah.

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    You lucky son of a b*tch


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    also, for anyone who cares, drinking 1 liter of mountain dew inside of 8.6 minutes will cause your bowels to completely evacuate themselves.
    that is all. ^^

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    Sadly, I am not at the moment. I am away from home for the next 2 days and I am running pitifully short on diapers...I only have one Depend Max and one Molicare Super Plus to last me the whole time, so I'm trying to conserve...the Molicare is for the long drive home

    But I ordered a half-case of Dry 24/7s and Abena boosters, so as soon as I get home, it's ON!

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    There is already a "what diaper are you currently wearing" thread here, so I'll close this one.

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