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Thread: act of standing up causes drips or sitting in car

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    Default act of standing up causes drips or sitting in car

    Whenever I go from floor position squatting to standing position, I have to be careful otherwise I drip some. Also it seems that after I go to sit down in my car I drip some. Today it was a good drip in the car. I'm middle age. What causes this?

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    It's probably stress incontinence. I've read that if you put enough stress on your body (the amount of stress varies with each individual) it can cause you to "drip."

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    I'm confused, is this when you have a wet diaper on? If so, i would try to not take your diapers to that level of full, or try plastic pants with them. If you are having incontinence that comes on at older ages (middle age) then i would say the same thing as Arcanine

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    Yep, sounds like stress incontinence - just part of age I'm afraid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine96 View Post
    Wow, I was right? LOL
    I guess you were right - but only sas far as any of us who re not medically trained can be. From the original post I am not sure if Sailor 10 sees what he describes as a problem or not, but either way if it has come on recently it would be good to get a check up by a doctor as it is easy to say "it's stresss incontinence", but even if its a remote possibility this kind of sympton can sometimes indicate a more serious problem - and in middle aged men prostate problems (not neccesarily cancer) are fairly common - and need early diagnosis.

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    The drip is not from a full diaper. Yes, that's what I thought stress incontinence, but wanted to make sure.

    I actually mentioned it last year to my doctor. He didn't think it was a problem. I'm due to go soon for checkup and will mention it. It only seems to happen maybe once a month.

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    Glad to hear it is so rare - I guess you have nothing to worry about which is great news. I guess it sometimes happens to most people - running for the bus was a trigger for me in the past.

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    If it happens more frequently just get incontinence pads or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyFox View Post
    If it happens more frequently just get incontinence pads or something
    or diapers

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