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    one word. so little time.

    One word is displayed in the top of the page as soon as you click Go. You have to type anything that comes to mind about it. It's a very interesting website, and at the end, lets you compare your work to other people's. It takes less than five minutes, but I really find it addictive. When the results appeared, I noticed that there were a few narrative texts, a definition and a personal opinion. It makes me speechless by its simplicity and its addictiveness.
    "Don't think. Just write."

    Try it, and show us what you've done! The word changes every day.

    Don't be too hard on me, I didn't have much time to write and I'm not used to writing seriously in English. To read the text, highlight it. I don't want to spoil the word for you, so please do it before reading the following.

    "A long fuzzy orange scarf, hanging around a lady's neck, disrupted by the wind, used by the time. The lady always wear the scarf when going out. She's used to it and couldn't imagine life without it."

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    Mine is white text too ^^

    Warm and fuzzy! like all the rainbow ones I used to make and then sell to raise money for GLAM, my gay straight alliance I started in senior year. they were fleece, and I had to sell them "underground" because the principal was a dick and we weren't a "real" club. Asshole.


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    The clothing worn around the neck to get rid of the cold. Can sometimes be lots of different colors or bland. Usually long, not very short. They look good

    I don't think that word was a good word =/

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