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    So I just beat AC:Brotherhood today, awesome game, I have had it since the day it came out, it is currently the only game I have ever gone to a midnight to get. I would just like to say the only reason it took me so long to complete is because COD has been taking all my time, but now my wii is broke so my 360 is all that is left. Also the fact that the game did something that royally pisses me off...Starting you with all kinds of cool stuff, then ripping it all away and saying start from scratch. Sorta like what the first AC did.

    Anywho on to the discussion, Was anyone as confused with the ending as I was?

    *There will be spoilers from here on*

    Throughout the "Mystical beings" speech all I could catch onto was that it seemed to hint at Lucy being a Templar agent. This would explain why Desmond was forced to stab her. My theory is that Lucy is not really dead, but instead is kinda doing what was done in the first AC. Where Altair was stabbed, but is not really dead. They were just taking Lucy out of the way because she is a distraction to Desmond, but she will make a return when the time is right.

    I could start bringing up the weird Emails and that disappearance of Lucy during one of the sequences with the weird footprints when in eaglevision that were outside the villa. But do not believe that it means anything.

    As for Revelations, so far it looks amazing and cannot wait to see where the story goes. But so far have not seen a confirmed "Special" edition with a cool item like the jack in the box or the Ezio figure.

    I would like to hear what everyone else thinks is going to happen or if you have evidence that suggests that Lucy is or isn't a Templar. I would love to hear it as well as hear more of an explanation to what everything means

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    AC: Brotherhood is a great game. A lot of people hate on it because they say Assassin's Creed is becoming like Call Of Duty, where as they release a new sequel every year. The difference between the two is each Assassin's Creed game brings 10-15 hours worth of new storyline material that is really good. The new CoD are mostly to keep people buying for the multiplayer. My GF loves watching me play AC, and is obsessed with it. I've played through them all multiple times just so she can watch. They're definitely great games!

    *The following may contain spoilers for AC: Brotherhood*

    Anyways, Revelations looks great, and adds some new feelings to the gameplay, while keeping the core the same, which I am quite content on paying for, trust me. So long as they keep the storyline well written and the characters awesome, I shall continue playing! The multiplayer is quite well as done, and I think Revelations will add a new twist by showing what is going on at Abstergo while the Assassin's are busy with what their doing.

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