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Thread: ABU diapers or bambino diapers

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    Default ABU diapers or bambino diapers

    what diaper do you think are better ABU diapers or bambino diapers. whis one is better for messing ans or wetting.

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    Well.. I'd love to possess either one, but for the time being, that's pretty unlikely.

    As for the absorbance capacity, I believe Bambinos are famous for that, so I'd say that one's the best diaper out there for wetting. For messing, you'll actually want a cheaper, worse diaper - it's not going to be absorbed anyway, so why waste a Bambino/ABU?

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    Probably bambino's but I haven't actually tried either. People held them in high esteem a few months ago and since then I haven't really noticed them mentioned that much.

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    I personally find the fit and construction of the ABU diapers much better than Bambinos. Bambinos will hold more, but a Cushie will hold a couple of wettings before a change, and it's wide enough to contain a mess, too.

    Since I have the ability to choose between the two, I choose ABU when I order "play diapers". I haven't bought Bambinos in several years now.

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    I love Bambinos for my wetness. A lot better than my twice worn Depends Max Protection diapers!

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    Bambino's are more absorbent then ABU, however I really love the fit and one tape style of ABU. To compensate for absorption I use a booster with ABU and it works great.

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    I prefer Bambinos since I like the old style of diapers that I had when I was young, however I sometimes go ABU for the price, it all depends on how much you want to spend. Bambinos usually are more per diaper whereas ABU have more diapers per price.

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