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Thread: So I actually told someone outside of the community.

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    Default So I actually told someone outside of the community.

    That's right... I did it. I told one of my good friends that I wear diapers. Sure, I wasn't totally truthful about the reason why but I did admit to needing them and wearing them all the time. It was really nerve wracking leading up to the actual words "I wear diapers." being said... but once I had actually done it... it didn't seem all that bad. Kinda like jumping into a cold pool... there's the anticipation... the initial shock of hitting the water... then once you are in you realise it's not that bad.

    My friend is a very understanding kind of guy... and has recently shared some of his own more personal secrets with me... so I felt that the time was right to reveal a little about myself. Turns out, as much time as we spend hanging out together, he's never once noticed a thing. As he pointed out... he doesn't exactly look at my ass very often. Anyways... I feel better about it now. Not like some weight has magically been lifted... but at least I know that when I'm around him I won't have to make up some excuse for carrying around my bag of spares or slipping off to change anymore.

    Other than that... life goes on.

    Questions... comments... criticism... etc?

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    That... is incredibly awesome. Kudos for you =D.
    I kinda felt the same way when I first told Rainbow-eu.

    So... was there any other reasons it would be good for him to know, besides not having to make up excuses to go change? Cause I've just thought about it personally like "I'll tell this person, it'll make me feel alot better. But what will they gain from knowing?" Though you two might just be really good friends. And like you said, he did tell you alot of personal stuff, so I can understand the quid pro quo thing goin on there.

    But all in all, I think the prospect of having a person that knows, and knows you in real life, and isn't in the community would be kinda cool, but still kinda awkward too.

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    All I can say really is congratulations.

    Good to see there are still some open-minded people out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tafshin View Post
    So... was there any other reasons it would be good for him to know, besides not having to make up excuses to go change?
    Well... it was partially to make me feel better... and partially an experiment.

    Out of all the people I deal with on a daily basis... my friend... we'll call him Bob... knows me the best. He knows that I am a hard working, responcible adult and he trusts me enough to watch over his house, dogs, and 13 y/o son when he and the wife go on vacations. He actually got me this job. Bob is also the least likely person to judge me based upon my underwear and continence choice because I have proven myself to him.

    Bob also knows my other friends and co-workers well... so I can now use him as a sounding board if and when I decide to inform others. My eventual goal is to have my diapered state known by my co-workers and other friends as well... so I don't have to be constantly sneaking diapers in and trying to hide out when changing.

    Having folks outside of the community know will also serve as diaper enforcement. If it is common knowlegde among the people I see every day that I wear diapers I will be far less likely to stop wearing 24/7... as this would raise some interesting questions.

    So there... in a nutshell... is my twisted logic.

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    You're prolly the only person I'd take this kind of thread seriously with....sounds cool though. Depending on his reaction to the whole you'll have to gauge how much discrepancy you'll need to use...I don't suppose you'd be full on "Be right back man, I have to change my diaper."

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    Wow, I am very happy for you. It is not easy to tell friends and others outside of the "diaper community", but I bet you feel a huge sense of relief now that you've done so. Congrats.

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    I look at telling people as: holding your breath for a long time, then finally releasing it and breathing normaly. It just feels good.

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    Hey man, good for you, I told one of my friends and he didn't take it very well at all, so I'm really glad it worked out for you. And oh yeah, good luck with your experiment, I hope it works out for you, it would be kind of cool to make people (the public) more aware of this.

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