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Thread: So my fiancee has a thing for pull up diapers....

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    Default So my fiancee has a thing for pull up diapers....

    She prefers them to the fitted kind but I dislike them...I'm just wondering if there is a better brand so that I could also wear the pull UPs and save some money....? We are a bit limited to store brands at the moment so yeah any tips by all means recommend good diapers I want the best pulls around for her. Note for some reason she won't wet them so that's not a big issue these are more for play diapers then to be used for theirintended purpose

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    If you like baby diapers.
    Ebay Pamper size 7.
    Or if you like adult diapers.
    Ummm i really dont know any because she wants little kiddy ones. (like me but I like Cushies).

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    The walgreens or cvs brand goodnites (often called night pants)? Since she isn't wetting they would he fine. They are all white; if she wants prints then get the regular goodnites.

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    Try with Depends Men Underwear which showing heavy amount of wetness and your sizes. Also, women have the same with Depends Women Underwear with her sizes. That's why I am still wearing Women Underwear with bit heavy with my size during the daytime to prevent accident. They all have different kind of Brand names have varies of depth explanation of the packages of your choices. The prices are varies depend on the sale.

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    Also, available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aids and Walmart.

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    I too would have to recommend the Depends Underwear for *. So far they are the best I've found in pull-ups. They even have the colors and patterns available, and all can be found at just about any retail store. These are what I use, and have had very minimal issues with them.

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    There's another possibility as well. The web site, "Very Special Clothes" sells cloth training pants, with designs both for boys and girls. They come in two different kinds of materials as well. They look very childish, and some day when I build up the courage, I'm going to order some. Since she isn't wetting, plastic pants wouldn't be an issue, and they can be washed rather than replaced. Eventually you would be ahead financially.

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    Alternatively, you could save money in the long run with a cloth pull up like these;

    Babykins: KINS Adult Pull-On All-In-One Diaper

    Although obviously that means buying online instead of in a shop.
    I wear these a lot myself, they're a similar thickness to an Attends M8 'slip' and if you do decide to use them cope fairly well with a moderate wetting.

    hope the helps

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