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Thread: Fetish on hiatus while having kids

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    Default Fetish on hiatus while having kids

    This weekend I went to the AB/DL picnic. I went because it's been part of my life and someone there asked me how does it feel to be a baby while having a baby and I said I lost interest in it. My baby killed my fetish after I had him because I wasn't into it anymore, I am not even interested in diapers either. Maybe I can't do both things at once, I don't know.

    The guy then told me sometimes it happens, you lose interest for a while when changes happen and then you get back into it again.

    Anyone here with kids ever lost interest in their fetish right after having them and then it come back years later or something?

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    not with having kids (cos i don't have any), but with my sister's kids. she and they were round our house constantly and apart from feeling like a perv, initially, because i naturally had to look and the off-putting sense that that had, when the reality of diapering and diaperedness became clear to me, it really sapped my desire to wear, and to use.

    the stress from that and the practicalities associated with a lack of privacy just made wearing seem not worth it/wrong.

    the sense of an innocence and a cuteness about diapers came back after they'd buggered off [abroad].

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    I don't have kids but my baby desires did subside when I finally moved out of the house and in to my own place. I think it was because I didn't have the huge stress of trying to keep everything hidden.

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    Yep, pretty normal. Aside from having no time to yourself, changing a baby for real kind of takes the fantasy out of it.

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    My brother's first child was born 6 months ago, and from he's going through I can totally understand that people lose all desire and time to engage in fetishes with a (real) baby to take care of. Plus the baby is the one to wear the diapers, so you get more than your fair share of diaper changes and what not. Besides, when there's a real baby using baby stuff around you 24/7, wouldn't it feel kinda awkward to engage in baby activities too when you have to be the grown-up parent in the house?!


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    I'm assuming this is normal when tounge become a parent that kid is more important then yourself so you do everything for your kid,so you will obviously put your fetish on the backburner any other things you have stopped doing? Less sex perhaps? Less reading?

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    I have a two year old and it never really stopped me. I'm not into the ab side of things so i guess that might make a diferance. I still use my diapers and wear to bed most nights. For me its all a sexual thing so having a baby and changing her is not the same thing at all so it never changed my feelings toward wanting to wear Diapers. I know as she gets older I'll have to be more secretive kinda like living back at home because she just doesn't need to know her dad lilies Diapers.

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    I'm scared to death of this. The wife is REALLY wanting kids, but I can barely handle being an adult. Besides the AB/BF thing, I have high anxiety up the ying yang. To lose that part of me would be devastating, since I genuinely feel like it's the only part of my life I can take solice in.

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    I've had this discussion with my girlfriend a few times; I've told her I'm willing to put that side of my life aside for the time being if and when we have kids because as others have said the focus is on them and that side of me may interfere with how the kids are raised. But at the same time it doesn't suck because then you get to raise and nurture a child of your own, and it's a responsibility I'd enjoy knowing that I'm going to raise my kids to the best of my ability.
    Will I be jealous of them when they're young? Eh, I really don't think so.

    And it's understandable; how can you bottle up something that's a part of your life, great or small?
    It's a choice you make for the people you love.

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    Well, when the wife and I had our child my desires to wear a diaper never decreased, if anything it made it a bit easyer, with all the baby powder and diapers in the house you could not tell if the smell was comming from me or the baby.

    Diaper pail needed emptying more often and we went through a lot more baby powder back than than we do now.

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