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    Good morning everyone!

    I'm 17 (almost 18...) years old boy from Finland currently studying in upper secondary school. In real life I usually dress quite different from the mainstream aiming for gothic look but in reality I'm not as frightening as I might look, actually I'm that lonely guy you might see in corner of the school (or with few only friends who let me beside them). I really don't have very good imagination and not being able to use my usual username in fear of someone tracking me down I tried to think about something but went to pick a not-so-original name that might not be even best I could've done..

    So... What brings me here?
    I've been lurking around forums for quite a long time now but haven't had guts to actually register. I've noticed that around here people deem to accept everybody as they are and so I decided this board might be correct place for me having been DL for ages (actually been caught for stealing diapers from sister many times but that's a different story) and casually TB as well. I've told about this side of me to only 1 person I trust more than anybody in this world and while she accepts it I still don't feel completely comfortable with it.
    So to sum it up I'm here looking for (online) friends and acceptance.

    I'm interested in many things. Lately I've got involved in local youth politics in many ways like being part of local youth council and so on. I've also been a singer for a long time mostly in a choir (wellknown one, not naming it here though... That would make it easy to trace if somebody finds this post) and just lately have started training theatrical singing. I've been studying on musical class for ages now. Apart from those dominating hobbies I have, I have a crush on a computer (not literally... That would be scary). I also have taken part in local churches youth activities.

    I hope to be welcome here and find acceptance and peace of mind that I'm looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfantTeen93 View Post
    I hope to be welcome here and find acceptance and peace of mind that I'm looking for.
    Welcome! You seem like a nice guy, and your introduction is actually well written and thoughtful (and not just about DIAPERS!!1 which a lot of people make the mistake of writing.) I think you'll fit in here just fine
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    Well said, great to have you.You are among friends, friends coming from the same place diaper-wise. Congratulations, on finding a new home!

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    Welcome here. Hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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