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Thread: People That Just Can't Take A Hint

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    Default People That Just Can't Take A Hint

    I was waiting for my older sister to get off work outside, and this random guy just began talking to me. I didn't see anything wrong with it until he started pressing me about "Are you Single", "All my girlfriends have always cheated on me but I've always remained loyal", "Don't you think we have chemistry?".

    It was only 5 minutes (if even that) when he began this nonsense. I told him over and over again that I wasn't interested in dating, and that I just had too much on my plate to think about such things. I tried to be kind and respectful, but it's like he didn't even hear me.

    People like him just irritate me. Why can't they take the hint, and just skip over the subject? I tried to keep the conversation directed into a more casual setting, but he kept directing it elsewhere. Thankfully my sister wasn't too long, and we left quickly.

    And now she's picking on me about him. "Oh he was cute, you should date him!!!" blah blah blah .....anyone want a sibling, maybe two? I have 5. Please take one. Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrawberryRaven View Post
    And now she's picking on me about him. "Oh he was cute, you should date him!!!" blah blah blah .....anyone want a sibling, maybe two? I have 5. Please take one. Please.
    Take my sister...please.
    I take my sister everywhere, but she always finds her way home!

    seriously though sexual / street harassment sucks, and people that do it are dicks.

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    If I was a lady I would definitely join MMA. Give the disrespectful arses a few warnings then beat the tar out of them if they didn't back off. Maybe it would make them think twice before harassing someone!

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    Well, here's a video on how to deal with people who just can't take a hint.


    But, in all seriousness, Sometimes, you have to be a bit more blunt about it. Perhaps threaten to call the police if things get kinda creepy, or if things start to go in a bad direction. This is only for extreme measures, like, I'd guess more like if he seemed to be stalking you or something... anyhow, it's just my 2 cents.

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    That's why you carry one of the following: A tazer, a cattleprod (similar to a tazer, but on a fixed pole), pepper spray, a hairpin chaingun, a ring-o-keys tommy gun, a portal gun, a lipstick chainsaw, a 2 by 4, a laser pistol you can now buy, a cat launcher, a can of whopass, a sword, a large bowing knife, a proton cannon, or all of the above; which can be conveniently and neatly stored in your PURSE SYLLADEX.

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    With portals, you can make a game out of it.

    Pop one up on the side of a tall building. Pop one up under the offenders feet.

    Try to pop a new one under where they fall. Keep doing this until they reach terminal velocity.

    Then just leave them like that in a constant state of fall. Someone will help them eventually.


    But yah, people that can't take hints are annoying. And if you go the direct way, you're the one that looks like a dick. Gotta love that.

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    You handled the situation pretty well! There's being friendly and there's being forward...this guy was being WAY too forward for him being a complete stranger to you. I sure hope your sister doesn't follow the advice she gives out. To date someone you don't know at all who practically pushes themself on you is inviting trouble. Maybe the guy is OK and just lacks social skills when it comes to meeting/talking with people, but better safe to decline the advances of a stranger than possibly be very sorry later on.


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    Shit, while I may miss out on hints, I think telling someone you aren't interested in dating is clear enough. How can you be even more blunt? That was blunt enough wasn't it?

    I remember back when I was 17, I tried to get a boyfriend so I ask this boy in my class if he wanted to be my boyfriend and he said he was too old for me. All it did was it made me reassure him it be okay and we were only nine months apart. I had no idea he was rejecting me. I thought he just thought he was too old for me so I was trying to tell him it didn't matter if he was 18 and we were nine months apart. Even I missed out on this hint. Why didn't he want me? I dunno. Then I thought he didn't want me because he thought I was after sex so I told him I want a boyfriend, not sex and kids laughed. I didn't know the rules of asking people to be your boyfriend or how to get one.

    Well good thing I am shy and already married. I have nothing to worry about and I swear I have developed social anxiety from people and my lack of social skills.

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    A response like "Yeah, a boyfriend cheated on me once too, but the time I spent in prison afterwards was worth what I did to him," may just shut him up.

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