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Thread: Has anyone heard this story? (Political)

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    Default Has anyone heard this story? (Political)

    Has anyone watched the news story about this billboard? If not, read the article here.

    9/11 billboard draws flak from Florida Democrats, GOP -

    If you ask me, the fool who put this up is just plain stupid. For one thing, how will 9/11 "happen again" if Obama is elected? Reminder, ass hole, Bush, a republican, was president at the time of the attacks. And what did he do? Go on vacation.

    Another thing, this billboard is completely inappropriate. For all the people who died in the attacks, this billboard is a glaring reminder of the losses to their families. And for what? Political, and personal gain.

    Meehan, the creator of the billboard, sings about a number of things, one of them being oil, and the promotion of offshore drilling. We should be trying to lessen our dependence on oil, that's making one group of people, Halliburton, among others, rich, and the rest of us poor! Instead of offshore drilling, or drilling in wildlife reserves, we should be trying harder to come up with new sources of energy.

    As Keith Olbermann said when discussing this Meehan and his horrendous billboard on Countdown, "... the worst... person... IN THE WORLD!"
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    I wish people would stop milking 9/11.
    I don't know what's worse, the fact that he's saying "Vote for the democrats and 9/11 will happen again", or the fact that him saying that will probably work in terms of getting more republican votes!

    I hate politics so much because people talk such crap. They all need slapping.

    And everyone knows that republicans are evil, it said so on The Simpsons!

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    The attacks of september 11th and Barack Obama have nothing to do with eachother. If anything they may happen again b/c we are spending more time trying to rescue Iraq than exterminating the terrorists in Afghanistan. We've found Saddam... now we need to find Bin Laden. I mean come on... he's an old man on a dialysis machine... how many places can he hide at?

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    Your right about milking 911 for all it's worth, both partys do it almost constantly.

    yes I'm for drilling now, you can not just flip the switch, and say well tomorrow everybodys going to buy and own an electric car, for one they are not practical for everyone, and two, everybody can't afford to buy a new car.

    And that go's for other technology, it can't happen overnight, I wish it could but it can't, in the meantime we need more oil, and we need it to come from here not from some middel eastern country.

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    Obviously it's cynical, unpleasant and quite insidious behavior but, you know, it does kind of make political sense.

    The Republicans have always polled higher on security and defense and, in these times, it's a very significant issue. This kind of thing will play into the minds of some people - whether it be to do with the nonsense about Obama's fictional Islamic past and connections, which is believed by a fair number, or just the old presumption that the Democrats are weak on security. There isn't really anything to loose for the GOP because they can distance themselves from the actual action and just say it was a businessman operating independently but benefit through this additional filtration into the public consciousness that enforces the idea that a Republican President will be better for American security when the reverse is probably true - an aggressive foreign policy invites and incites terrorism if anything.

    So I don't know if he's stupid, I imagine he probably knows just what he's doing and, off the record, I don't imagine the Republicans are really that unhappy with this. It's just the sort of thing that they couldn't formally get away with but it will play well with a lot of core voters, and it's worth remembering that McCain still has a lot of convincing to do to secure the hard right and build a strong conservative reputation.

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    This billboard is insane. Who would have thought to put time and money into something so non-sensical. My particular belief is that 9/11 never happened during Clinton-Gore for a reason. I don't want to get into republican/democrat debate here, though. This isn't about that. This is about some complete fool hiring a graphics company to design a billboard with the image of the WTC and the word "Democrat" on the same piece of paper. This makes no sense and really gives all of America a bad name. Republicans and Democrats alike.

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    According to Meehan, President Bush has done "an excellent job ... going after these terrorists."
    "You got to remember all the ... people that George Bush did catch and how much success he did have. And we haven't had an attack on this soil since 9/11," Meehan said.
    Lol. Just... lol.

    And before you elected Bush you hadn't had an attack on American soil since 1812.
    Dumb shmuck. I could liken this reason of thinking to Lisa Simpson's Tiger-Repellant Rock.

    Correllation does not imply causation. Just because two things occur together, does not mean that one caused the other. Homer argues that as the Bear Patrol vans are correlated with an absence of bears, the former must have caused the latter. Lisa, tongue in cheek, argues that as the presence of her rock is correlated with an absence of tigers, the former must have caused the latter.
    Correlation, not causation, my friends.

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    The Republicans have so failed the U.S. that this is all they have left. 30 years ago, President Jimmy Carter was imploring America to seek alternative forms of fuel. Carter was a nuclear engineer, so he knew a lot about energy. If we had followed his advice, and put all the money and resources that we have invested on war, into energy technology, we would now be able to just let the Middle East destroy itself and who would care. Iceland and Brazil are two nations who are completely petroleum free. This is where the free world needs to be.

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    All jokes aside, I do actually think the billboard is absolutely brilliant.

    When you piss people off, you make them think. When you disgust them, bother them, discomfort them, remind them of terrible times, you make them think. You make them look back in time at choices they made, at choices others around them have made. You make them question their inhibitions, their beliefs, their standards. When you're offended by something, you remember it -- you remember it to be offended by it ... and you rethink it, rethink it, rethink it, until it makes you ****ing sick and tired of ever having been reminded of it in the first place.

    Welcome to marketing!

    I don't care what the billboard is trying to say or what it isn't trying to say. All I realize is that it's brilliant marketing, and I can respect that enough to know the reasons behind it, wholesome or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    yes I'm for drilling now, you can not just flip the switch, and say well tomorrow everybodys going to buy and own an electric car, for one they are not practical for everyone, and two, everybody can't afford to buy a new car.
    If you want to play partisan politics... you can actually thank our favorite democrat President Bill Clinton for vetoing a bill that would have opened up more of US soil and water for drilling 10 years ago. If he had not done so we would now be enjoying the benefits of using what mother nature has given us instead of trying to go get it AGAIN just now.

    Even if we started drilling today it'd be 5-10 years before we could reap the benefits.

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