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Thread: my name is (not) riddle, and I am an ab/dl

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    Arrow my name is (not) riddle, and I am an ab/dl

    This is an intro thread, and it's the only one I've ever written, despite the fact that I've been a member here, on the previous incarnation of this forum for years and years...(although that doesn't mean I won't appreciate it if you say "hi" now ;-)

    I justify posting now on three points:

    1. I've become a lot more comfortable about my abdl orientation, and I've started to want to share in the community a lot more in the past few months (alternately, I'm in the middle of a binge associated with being on anti-depressants, and I'll be gone in two months)
    2. I just came out to a woman who is, as of now and officially, joint 1st equal in my best friends (she is also only one of three real friends I have, and since I'm BFFs with the other man and woman, it's kind of hard to rank them )
    - more details about coming out? why certainly!
    It was really really great.
    This woman is like super-mega-awesome really - she had heard of age-play, she had seen the Jezebel post on that Nat Geographic train-wreck of a program, and what was her reaction? She had already works out for herself that abdl has nothing to do with paedophilia, the she says the attacking comments made her "lose a bit of faith in humanity." I have a lot of hope from that, and next time we get kicked by the mainstream, I'm going to be hoping that there are lots of people out there who are far more grossed out by innocent ABDL people being stigmatised than about us getting on with our kink in private.
    I "played" a very little bit, just with my eeyore doll, and I let her hug me. Now my friend has issues of her own, and she can't stand physical affection, but I got her to try hugging me while I was explaining more about myself,(really I needed this to feel safe talking) and she was able to hug me very tentatively at first, but it built up and in the end we spent about 90 mins lying on my bed, me with my head on her shoulder and her cuddling me.
    We even got to refering to each other as child and babysitter
    I'm never going to have a sexual relationship with this woman, and I'm not planning to involve her in diapers (even dry ones) but just to share a deep, hidden part of who I am honestly with someone and have them be so accepting was really magical, I do recommend it IF it's someone mature and trusted enough to deal with it.

    here is something I wrote on a thread here a little while ago:

    I don't hate myself for my ABDL feelings, but I know I'll never truly accept them until someone else accepts them as part of me :-S
    feelings accepted

    3. < click for song to listen to while you read...
    turn around, turn around, turn around - and you may come full-circle and be new here again...
    I feel like I've spent a lot of time turning around, and a lot of time in earning that name "riddle" since it's been nigh impossible for me to solve the mystery of myself, but I feel like now, I'm starting to make sense

    The obligatory non-abdl interests, before someone shouts at me :-p

    I'm a very bookish kind of guy - I started reading a lot of SF in my early teens and it grew from there. SF, I like: Asimov, Clarke, John Wynhdam, Harry Harrison, Kurt Vonnegut, J G Ballard, Brain Aldiss but I'm not keen on fantasy, apart from Terry Pratchett and Michael Moorcock. I'm a bit of a comics geek, but only DC, my favourite of the superheroes are Superman (of course) Wonder Woman, Green Arrow. The stuff I like most are DC Vertigo series: I'm a huge Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore fan, also like Brian K Vaughan.
    I still read SF and Comics, but nowadays I'm reading a lot of non-fiction about science, history and politics, as well as "literary" fiction - authors I've read a lot of: Douglas Coupland, Iain Banks, Alasdair Gray, most other authors I could name I've only read one/two books by them, but some of them are real favourites.
    I should put a mention in for George Orwell - I've never really tried with the pre-1945 novels, but I've read all of the non-fiction and most of the essays (so don't cross me about him if you only read the US edition of Animal Farm and 1984!)

    TV series I am into atm: Mad Men, Battlestar Galactica (on Season 3, no spoilers please!) My Little Pony (seen it all now, watching again ;-) and The Pallisers, a 1974 BBC version of the Trollope novels.

    Music I like: Jazz, Folk and Blues, anything derived from that really, 60s Pop and 70s Rock / Punk Rock, some hip-hop, other music on a song by song basis. I like some classical music, but haven't really listened to enough yet.

    I have a jumble of A/AS levels at not good grades (I fail at exams - sometimes literally ) I've worked in offices and shops - job I had for longest was in a clothing importers, doing admin on little girls party dresses (yes Sissies, your dream job exists and it pays £minimum wage )
    I'm currently looking for more work, but since I have no big career dreams or proper hobbies that look good on your CV, I'm going to stop and post this now........*click*
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    "Superman or Green Lantern aint got nothing On Me..."

    "Alan Moore knows the score..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Sunshine Superman by Donovan!
    I love that song! I had it on a cassette tape (I am too old to be in diapers, A CASSETTE TAPE for sooth grand-dad) I haven't got it in a digital format so I haven't listened to it in ages... thanks!
    Pop trivia - the Happy Mondays song Donovan riffs on the lyrics from that song... YouTube - &#x202a;Happy Mondays - Donovan&#x202c;&rlm;

    I can indeed dig it, raccoon ;-)
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