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Thread: Where are you in the pecking order?

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    Default Where are you in the pecking order?

    I have a good friend who is a psych student and told him about my diaper fetish. He has some kinks too (which is the main reason why I think he is taking psych courses), but he believes that problems of this sort are caused by where you are in the family pecking order. I have an older half-brother from my mother's first marriage and my younger brother Greg. My friend believes that first-born kids and only kids are less likely to have sexual kinks and second-born more so. Where are you?

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    I think it is dangerous to generalise - Firstborn and "only" kids can be over- protected and made to feel like they have to succeed at all costs - both aspects of parenting that can lead to kinks later.

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    Sadly, you didn't put only child in the poll. I am an only child, and I turned out gay with a bunch of fetishes.

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    I am third of four.

    I do believe the 'middle and forgotten child' syndrome can have an impact in this, as we may go to extremes to seek attention or feel as though our emotional needs are not being met. I wouldn't be surprised if it plays a role for me, and for many others here in similar birth orders. It's an interesting topic though.

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    Ach, I reckon I blow this idea out the water!

    I quite successfully manage to be the second and youngest child, and an only child at the same time!

    I grew up with an older brother, but he had moved out by the time I started school, so I essentially grew up as an only child, but with a big brother who dropped in often enough to teach me not to be spoilt and whiney!

    I really don't think that there is any sort of correlation between kinks and place in the family. Non at all.

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    I'm an only, and slightly spoiled (to this day), child. I am asexual (I think anyway) and I have more than my fair share of kinks.

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    yeah only child should be added as a choice.
    If you suppose the order you were born in makes a difference, being only child or from a large family is sure to make one.
    I was second, btw.. I don't think it had anything to do with it. I have a pretty good idea where my fetish comes from and family didn't have anything to do with it for me , but it might for some.

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