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Thread: How far would you go to hide it?

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    Default How far would you go to hide it?

    So how far would you go to hide you interest in diapers?

    I was thinking about this yesterday. This is for the ones under us that have or want to hide it of course. I can imagine that even if you're open about, you still don't want the world to find out about it. Me, I wouldn't want to hide it from my partner, but I know others do. And parents are different story altogether. But how far do you go? If someone were to find your stash, would you be honest, make up an excuse or something in between? How well would you hide it and where? You could put a non-descript box in the attic, but if that's not enough would you consider stashing it somewhere else away from the house. Would it still be worth it? Are there situations imaginable where you could see yourself giving up on diapers because it isn't worth that hassle?

    I'm just curious what you all think.

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    As I've shared on here before, I've told my wife and she engages me with it. I've told no one else other than my therapists over the years. Our plan up until the past few weeks has been to say that I wet the bed on occasion and that we have them for that if anyone ever found out. However, this is now not a lie because I actually have been wetting the bed since I started using a CPAP machine. So I guess I don't have to lie.

    Other than that, I don't think I go to extremes to keep it secret. I keep my diapers in a box in the basement among other non-descript boxes and I keep a few in the bedroom under my bed in a plastic box full of clothes. Because I work for a church, it is pretty important that this thing stays private between my wife and I.

    With regards to secrets in general, I think they are largely pretty destructive to our psyche. However, I also think it is reasonable to have private areas of our lives...not secret just not public. I.e. just because I don't tell you about the consistency and odor of my poop doesn't mean I'm keeping it a secret or am somehow shamed by it, its' just a private matter that there is no reason to share with everyone. I think of diapers the same way. I suppose if I felt shame about it still, it would be a different matter.

    As it turns out, I'm not embarrassed about diapers or the smell of my crap.

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    With regards to secrets in general, I think they are largely pretty destructive to our psyche
    Exactly, but conversely sharing it with everybody is destructive to your social/professional/family life... so that's why I am really interested in hearing how people are dealing with it. So thanks for the response. Looks like you've found good ways to balance it (and one fantastic wife, might I add).

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    I don't do much to hide it. I keep my diapers in my bottom dresser and I dispose of them at midnight when everyone is asleep(directly into the outside garbage cans)

    Pretty simple and not that hard to do...

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    So if someone would find them you'd be honest about it?

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    i go far in hiding them and keeping secrits in general.

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    My partner knows, so that's no problem
    It is only when friends or family peeks in our closets. Then I probably have to explain, or maybe I do not even have to explain...
    I do not worry too much about it. I cannot put my fetish away anyway. (However, I have tried this several times in my teen years... negative result
    So at our attic we have some packs, not at all hidden away. I don't care.

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    My mate and I just have our stash under the bedroom desk and in the closet (respectively). We don't really treat it as a secret, but we don't really bring it up with family or friends. Our room mates know, but then, we know their fetishes as well. We don't really advertise it to them when we're wearing, but they know we do wear on occasion. The only one in our house who we actually keep it from is my son. I think he's a bit young to understand the behavior.

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    lemme see here, my mom knows, my stepfather knows, my sisters know, and my brothers know.. so do my co workers. and probably a few clients.. wearing 24/7 kinda does that.. about the only person who mentions it is my mother. I don't think she understands.. while I love em.. I really am incontinent these days..

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    If I had to I would eat them to hide them :O

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