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Thread: Well okay, I'm new to this website... Um... I'm interested in females, though...

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    Default Well okay, I'm new to this website... Um... I'm interested in females, though...

    So yeah, I'm a straight male of the age 19, and I'm just trying to make friends with people of the same interest...

    I'd like to talk to some females... Just because I'm more comfortable with them...

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    Tell us a little more about yourself (sorry i'm not a female, but there are plenty on here)...

    Do you have any other interests besides being a TB?

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    As ABalex said, do you have any outside interests?
    Music? Sports? Hobbies?
    We like to get to know members on here as it allows us to get a bigger picture of you and so when you ask for advice we are better able to help. I recommend posting in the greetings forum. It's a place where people get to know one another

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    Intro threads are a great way for people to get to knowyou around here, including the female members

    Im not a girl, but pretty close to it if that matters XD


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    Oh yeah, Totally. Well I play guitar, play bass, and sing. I'm going to be going to school for Music Production, and my favourite band is Blink-182.
    That sums me up pretty much evenly. I'm Just a big fan of music and that's about it. ahaha, but I guess I like comic books and stuff also.

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    Thats pretty cool. I play guitar and bass as well (I only play bass on gigs, but can do rhythm and lead guitar if needed). I used to be a bigger fan of blink than I am right now, but they do certainly have their place. Do you like any other punk bands? I'm checkin out a venue that has NoFX playing tonight :p


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    Ah man I'm so jealous of you, Ron!!!! Dude, yeah I love music beyond no compare. I like old/early 2000's New Found Glory, NoFX (obviously), Transplants, OLD greenday, I don't like their new stuff. Sum 41 and stuff... y'know. I like that whole 90's Skater pop-punk stuff... I miss it, actually. I'm glad Blink's finally going to come out with a new CD...

    I actually do like almost every type of music. I rap. I consider myself a mix between like Pop-punk and Nerdcore rap. I love that whole nerdcore scene.

    What started me on rap, and please don't judge, was actually Hollywood Undead.

    The only type of music I'm really not a fan of is that like Juggalo stuff... Like the ICP or Psychopathic records or whatever you call it. but If you like it, to each his own... ahaha

    But yeah, Music is my life, and I know that's really cliche of me to say, but i feel like it's more down my way than y'know most people saying "It's my life." Yeah it might be a part of your life, but until you start getting paid for music, it's not YOUR life. ahaha

    Sorry for my rant.


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    Ohh and to even more music I like, I like a lot of Ska. Huge Less Than Jake fan,

    Yeah I also like A Day To Remember, Just being honest here. ahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by bb2011 View Post
    So yeah, I'm a straight male of the age 19, and I'm just trying to make friends with people of the same interest...

    I'd like to talk to some females... Just because I'm more comfortable with them...
    We have many females like someone said... and I understand feeling comfortable with female friends. Many of my female friends prefer the company of male friends likewise.

    You may frighten some away being a straight male looking for girls though; abdl girls get hit on an awful lot by guys and generally are on their guard.

    You might make it clear if you require biological girls (which would suggest you have live stuff in the back of your mind) or if you would like to hear from people with a female persona, including bio ones. I know several tg's online and I assure you they are as feminine as the bio ones; the same would go for female furs, or people with alt personalities, which happen to be female. Some sissies too come here as their little girl persona.

    My view is I treat people as the gender they project, and the one under which they self-identify. I see no downside to this if I am only going to interact online. Who a person is online is the text they type. I have nothing at risk by treating a gal as a gal if she prefers regardless of the equipment she was born with.

    1. If I were to have live interaction, especially romantic or sexual, then yeah it absolutely matters.
    2. If I rely on her gender to back up what she says, say about bio. female stuff like pregnancy or menstruation then there I have risk of actual damage if her claimed gender is untrue.

    But outside of these exceptional cases, a gal's a gal to me.

    What about you?

    Oh and btw, we have been getting many new people saying Hi, I am padded and want to chat with others "like me" contact me. I spent a while in another thread all about productive approaches to making friends on this site, you might give it a look, (read posts 1-16 here; the whole of it is instructive and may help a lot. If not you may still find it entertaining.

    Of course you can give your feedback as to how useful or not the thread is to you by adding to it. I am very interested in how useful advice turns out to be.

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    Well okay, I can see your point, but still I am a bit on the fence on the Bio vs. TG thing. Yeah, they might be nice and that wont change how I see them as a person, but Idk, you do put up a good point.

    But as for this website and stuff, I'm looking for companions that share my interest in diapers, but we are not companions just based on that principal.

    and as for females and friendship with them, I am not the type to lust toward women, yeah I do sometimes, but that's just me being hormonal. When I become friends with ANYBODY it's friendship first, and if anything more happens, It happens. I do not look toward hitting on abdl females just because they ARE abdl females. I'm into respect and Chivalry. ahaha, call me old-fashioned.

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