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Thread: Wetting your diapers at night

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    Default Wetting your diapers at night

    I need some advice on how to make my body relive itself in my sleep. I have yet to find any methods of inducing a bedwetting that works. I really want to feel what it is like to wet in my sleep can someone help me with this one please.

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    Heh... still trying to figure this one out myself. I've been trying hypnosis tapes and everything but nothing works(please note, I've only found one hypnosis tape.)

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    I would advice you to not even try to get there. You don't want to become handicapped do you?

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    Short of confusing/damaging your muscles I don't think there are many options for sleep wetting. Some people have success when consuming large quantities of alcohol but I can only imagine that it takes away from the experience.

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    Yeah as Vroeger stated its a bad Idea.
    I'm a real bed wetter not by choice either while i don't mind it its something i would happily do without. I would seriously reconsider and any attempts to make your incontinent in any way you could cause long term damage and regret it

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    I am not attempting to render myself incontinent. I have such great control over my body I doubt it would have any negative consquences long term wise or short. I wanted to see what it was like o try it once to see if it was even worth it.

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    Unless you want to do (permanent) damage to your body and kidneys, I strongly suggest not to try it. Besides it only ends up being more work for yourself and you better off not being a bedwetter.

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    as others have said above bed wetting is probably something that looks better then it really is and if you did manage to start it gets old and expensive quick. if you want a safe way to try it you could try hypnosis tapes or the hand in warm water trick. the tapes don't work for most and I'm not even sure the warm water thing would work if you did it to yourself. other then that the only other safe way I can think of would be to drink some water before you go to bed.

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    I tried to make myself wet at night a few years ago with some success.
    What you should do is wet either when you are in bed going to sleep or immediately after you wake up. Eventually your body willstart to associate sleepiness with wetting an will find it easier to wet while your asleep.
    It worked for me until i genuinely started having accidents and i stopped.

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    I don't think the OP meant becoming a bedwetter as much as how to get himself to bedwet once, when he knows it will happen. If so, I have nothing. There is the finger in warm water myth, but I have never actually heard of anyone trying and it working.

    However, if you did mean becoming a bedwetter, let me just say this: I really really wanted to be a bedwetter again, way before I even knew anyone else liked this sort of thing. I wanted it and wanted it. Then I found this site, and thought "They are right, it would be much more bad than good to be a bedwetter/IC. Actually, it would be a living hell!" Well can you guess what started happening about a month later?

    Be careful what you wish for.

    I cannot believe I used that stereotypical, non-creative, statement!
    *gets to work making a fresh, metaphoric example of this moral*

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