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Thread: My stash is gone!!!!

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    Default My stash is gone!!!!

    Should I be worried cause I just went Yo pit a goodnite on and they were gone!!!

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    If your stash is actually missing then at least one of them knows. Forcing a confrontation could bring the other parent into the picture which may be less than desirable if they didn't bite your head off when you got home after finding your stash. The best course of action would be to get your thoughts together so you can talk to them if/when they ask.

    If you want to force a confrontation you could drop hints so that whatever parent knows about it makes some time to talk about it with you.

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    I'm don't think I should be worried because it wasn't in an open pack and it was in the back of the closet and my parents are divorced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakfumant View Post
    I'm don't think I should be worried because it wasn't in an open pack and it was in the back of the closet and my parents are divorced.
    Well if they are divorced and they found it then IMO you are better off taking the fight to them before they find the wrong sites about AB/DL. Just make sure that they ACTUALLY found it before you put yourself in an awkward situation.

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    Thanks For all the advice but I think I'm going to just leave this where it lies because they have no way of knowing it was mine and I also have to brothers and I thought my hiding spot was genious o well.

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    Fair enough, you know your situation far better than us so you can probably make the best decision possible.

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    Where was your hiding place? That may impact on our advise, especially since there are brothers involved. If a brother took it, I would think you would have heard, unless they have the same desire, and now think they hit a gold mine.

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    I had it in a bathroom closet alway in the back burried under a couple of boxes and the package of goodnites was in a pillowcase along with one lose goodnite and I dont think my brothers would share my desires.

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    you could just say that it was an old pack for when you or your siblings was younger. If whoever had found them did not bring up the topic with you or anyone else then you should be okay. It was most likely, "Old pack of goodnites? must of forgot for when my kids were younger, better give them to someone or throw them away".

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