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Thread: Enhanced Goodnites?

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    Default Enhanced Goodnites?

    So right now I have a good number of S/M goodnites and pullups that barely fit me, and a few L/XL that fir me just fine. The problem is I can't really trust any of these not to leak, even when I wet ultra-slowly.

    So I was wondering if you guys have any tips or ideas regarding how I can use the smaller goodnites and pullups to increase the absorbancy of the larger goodnites? I've heard some people cut them and wear multiple ones, but i'm not sure exactly how I can cut them up so that they will absorb some and let some thru, and not making a mess with the absorbent material inside.

    Its really, really hard to find the L/XL size down here so i'd like to make them count

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    Best advice would be: find diapers that are actually meant for an adult to use them.

    There are boosters you can buy but at that point you might as well be getting real adult diapers. From what I've heard and tested Pampers Baby Dry size 6 make good stuffers and some people claim the overnights are pretty good as well. (Which makes sense since they are there to take a night of soaking)

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    Poke holes in one of the small/mediums (like pinholes) then put one on. Then put on one of the large/extra large. When you wet the small medium moisture will soak through to the second goodnite.

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