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Thread: buying online for uk based ab/dls

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    Default buying online for uk based ab/dls

    sorry if this has already been posted over and over but can anyone reccomend an online site to buy diapers in the uk
    i cant get anything from the US as the shipping is huge
    printed diapers or plain im fine with either but would prefer printed
    any insite would be appreciated

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    Cuddlz or Dorset Nursing Supplies are your best bet. Cuddlz are essentially repackaged Bambinos, supposedly gone down in quality but still hold quite a lot from what I've seen, Dorset Nursing Supplies is where to get the good diapers like Abenas from. Both are really good companies so take your pick.

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    Dorset Nursing Supplies are great, I used them once before and its quite discreet as well as good value for money

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    try direct from the manufacturers/distributors: (Molicare) [note: they will also send periodical promos/order forms to your address]

    for other, less popular, brands: (Indaslip and Libero - Indaslip are worth trying for their aloe vera smell, alone, and B&M also sell the Libero bedwetting pants) also trade on ebay, as do Tanner Brothers who trade as and who supply Tendercare.

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