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    My friend always says that I'd make a good fox furry, even though I'm in no way a furry (maybe a bit neko...). No offense, it's just not my thing. Anyway, he says that almost every time we chat, and it can get really annoying even though he's only teasing.

    So I was bored this afternoon, and I decided to take some quizzes online, since I enjoy them sometimes (and I was really, really bored -.-'). I was browsing through the different quizzes on this one site, when I stumble upon a quiz titled "Which Furry Are You?". Curious, I selected it and took the quick quiz. When I was finished, I was surprised to see that the number one result was that I was "vulpine", or "fox-like".

    I like foxes, so I'm cool with my result. Just thought I'd share the link with anyone who was curious.

    ▷ ▶What furry are you? free Anime personality test, selector quiz, matching, choose, compare.

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    I am not a furry, but I took this out of interest.

    It said I would be a feline as number 1. Number 2 was vulpine and number 3 muskine. I don't even know what muskine means. But basically, I would be a cat, which is cool because I like cats

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    Interesting test.
    I never had a specific furry character for myself, but I love felines.

    However this test gave me the results:
    1: Vulpine
    2: Canine
    3: Feline

    Perhaps Im a fox

    To end this on a good note, here is some happy foxes on a trampoline *cuuuute*
    YouTube - ‪Foxes Jumping on my Trampoline‬‏

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    I'm not a furry either, although the results were interesting!!

    1. Canine
    2. Equine

    I'm a Dog like creature who bread with a horse! <3 YAY! rofl..

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    My results:
    Feline 1
    Vulpine 2
    Muskine 3

    I do have a cat....

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    Canine was first, makes sense since I love wolves, ursine was second and bovine was third for me.

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    1. Vulpine
    2. Feline
    3. I can't remember I closed the page :/

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