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Thread: Submissive. (Need Advice. >.<)

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    Exclamation Submissive. (Need Advice. >.<)

    As some of you may know I am new to this forum.
    Happy to be here really.
    I have but one problem.
    I'm a submissive.
    The thing is, I am in a switch relationship and don't have the skills to be dominant when that time comes.
    I want to be able to punish and yell.
    To be strict.
    But I don't know how.
    Anyone have any suggestions.
    I want to make him as happy as he does me, but I can't being this way...


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    Is this a poem? How about writing in a paragraph...How about you just talk to him? I know it sounds completely crazy and out there...But it might just work

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    you should talk to him about it and try to figure something out. I'm in the same boat as ya because my bf is just submissive, and i have to be a domme to him, but he cant be a daddy to me. My suggestions if you want to be dominant, to just try your best, that's what I do. There is no wrong or right way to be dominant.

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    i think you'll get better and better at it as time goes on. but pojo's right: it's going to take a lot of communication. tell him you're having trouble feeling comfortable in a dominant role. he'll be able to give you lots of advice about what you should be doing, and what he does and doesn't like. you can't improve without feedback.

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    I would ask him, in a setting outside your play, and just try and make his wishes come true.

    Or mimic some of his routeens, and see if he enjoys them.

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    You do know being dominant has nothing to do with being strict, or yelling, right?

    See if you can enjoy just controlling what he is allowed to do, if having him give up power to you feels good. You don't have to dress up in black leathers and wave a whip around to dominant a person.

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    I think a talk with him will be very useful, don't be shy.

    I'm sure the courage is inside you, you just need to find i out.
    Search in your heart and you'll find it.

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    I've already talked to him about it...
    And he says I do just fine...
    Just fine isn't good enough...
    I want to be good at it...
    To be able to care for him like he does me...

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    well if your doing fine NOW then later youll be doing better, like you yourslef said your unfamilier with being dominating... give it time, youll improve, just dont expect miracles

    oh and realizing its error 404 who your partner is.. well yeah youll do just fine and dandy ~giggles~
    *huggles* dont give up

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    I just want to be able to surprise him...
    Be good at being what he does for me.
    I just find it hard, you know.
    I don't wanna give up, just getting to the point where I don't know if I can do it... ._.

    (P.S alchemist, like the Battle Royal sig. : P )

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