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Thread: Injuries?

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    Question Injuries?

    The bad bones thread in the regulars forum got me curious. How many injuries have you had? So far, I have had sixteen stitches and five staples, all in my face and the back of my head. I also broke my collar bone back in 2006, right before my seventeenth birthday. My dad got my x-ray from the hospital and I will try and get a picture of it when I have time.

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    All I've done is break my right arm.

    The first time was skating. I simply fell on top of it. Not anything like off of a ramp, I just tripped. Now, this was on rollerblades, not a skateboard. I was kind of sitting there for about 20 minutes, not able to get up. It was just a fracture though. This was around when I was 6-7.

    The second time was around when I was 10-11. I was doing outdoor boxing sort of thing with a few friends, like most preteen boys. After all, violence is violence right? No specific grudges or anything between us. We were just fighting. I fell down hard, and hit my arm against either a rock, or a tree root sticking far out. I snapped the dang thing that time. They didn't believe me about it being broken though. I had cried wolf about being hurt to them before. They sort of left me there...for a few hours.

    I was found though! Yay ER! xD

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    I sprained my arm when I was 12 and I fell off my bike. Other than that - I haven't had any injuries.

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    I went for lots years without any major problems at all, I got the occasional scratch, banged my hand working and all the normal everday stuff.

    Then is 97 at work my pants leg got caught on a conveyer belt, and dragged my leg into a peice of stone quarry equipment, the only thing that stoped me from going completly in was a peice of angel iorn holding a wire to an electric motor, otherwise I wouldn't be here right now.

    It degloved my leg and the rock on the belt did a number on my leg, because I couldn't get the attention of the operator on my radio, the only way I was noticed he came out of his booth to toss a cigarette away, I almost bled to death waiting for the ambulance and helicopter.

    There is alot more to the story but thats the short vrsion.

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    When I broke my collar bone, I was playing capture the flag on a campout with my Boy Scout troop. I was chasing after someone and my friend came out of nowhere and I slammed into his knee. After I slammed into his knee, I was laying on the ground holding my hand over my broken collar bone yelling in pain for one of the kids to get my dad. So, what do they do? They make a circle around me and stare at me until I yell at them enough that one of them gets my dad. What a bunch of morons. You can probably tell that I wasn't very well liked in my troop, by the way they were just standing there watching me while I was in pain. So, after one of them comes back with my dad, my dad helps me stand up and I immediately pass out from the pain. It hurt like a mother f**ker. My dad ends up driving all the way back home(We were camping about an hour away), so we can go to our local hospital. I was in the ER for about 90 minutes. They took x-rays, gave me a couple Vicodin and a prescription for 10 more, put me in a sling and sent me home. Then, I spent six weeks in a sling. Damn was it boring. The hospital bill ended up being something like $1,100.

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    I've had to get stitches when I was...9 I think? Someone threw a huge rock and it hit me in the head...I also sprained my knee a couple years ago...Just by sitting down D:

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    The top three in my life.

    3.Crashing a rental bike into the ground at lake Tahoe in California on a 3 day 2 night school field trip. My right elbow was bleeding pretty bad but it was going to be okay, there was however gravel that I had to pull out of the wound. I didn't ride a bike for years before that and I turned to sharply and was going pretty slow.

    2. I had a hairline fracture in my left toe as a kid due to a bike crash on my street. It was not that big of a deal I guess but I was off my foot for a few weeks.

    1. Well I wouldn't call it my worst injury at all but I sprain my neck in the rollover car accident I was in over a month ago. It could of been a LOT worse however all things considered. Anyways I think that should take the number 1 spot.

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    The hospital bill ended up being something like, $1,100.

    You should get a look at my hospital bills, there is a stack about a foot high, and being I went after the company, I had to pay it out of the money I got. $260,000.00 for the hospital and $700,000 in leagal fees.

    And I got to keep the change.

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    When I was 7 I had a stick go through my arm. That was about 40 stitches.

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    Only two minor injuries for me. One in the 7th grade at school when I took a bad fall and was knocked unconscious. The second injury for me came when I was around 24 years old. I was a rear seat passenger in a car that was hit broadside by a red light runner. I ended up with a dislocated thumb and sprained neck. Nothing more serious than that.


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