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Thread: Hi to all, I am Rael

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    Default Hi to all, I am Rael

    Hi I am Rael,

    I received a note from a fellow member on a dutch diaper forum that this was a fine place to be. Well, so far I have to say I agree. So I decided to become a member and introduce myself to you.

    I am a die hard Diaper Lover for almost 35 years now with absolutely no Adult Baby tendencies. My special kink is my P-device. I use this custom made device in a very special way. When I use it it's out of sight and deep inside, leaving me completely incontinent and completely diaper dependend. I can feel the pee flowing out all the way, but I have no control left. I do this 24/4 during all daily activities, such as work, shoppings, watching TV, cooking etc... and off course in bed at night.

    I don't wear diapers anymore without having this device inserted. For me it's kind of boring now wearing diapers when in control over my bladder.
    I understand the rules of this community don't permit me explaining what I do exactly, but for those who are interested, I am willing to tell more about it in pm's or msn.

    I do have some other interests.

    First of all I like music very much. To listen at, but to play as well. I also like hiking in the mountains. The splendid views from moutain tops, the peace, the quiet, the fresh air.. I love it.

    Well, enough for this moment. Hope to meet you soon!


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    Welcome to the forum. I haven't been here too long myself, but I can say that we're all a good group of people.

    I feel the same way you do about hiking in the mountains and the different frame of mind you experience when you're in them.
    P.S. Although I have no intensions of becoming incontinent, I can't help but be curious. What is this P-device you talk about?

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    Let's not talk about this P-device here. I think the rules don't give permission for that. Let me know if you're interested in some pics. I could send them in pm or by e-mail.

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    Hello; what can you tell us about this Dutch diaper forum? Is is incontinence-based, or "diapers for need?" Is it a general fetish site, regarding diapers as fun? Is it a support site, based around members helping one another, to accept and embrace this, or does it take more of an attitude that fun in diapers is a given, and a good thing, and we should make the most of it?

    We have a page for groups; If we don't yet have a group for Dutch speakers why not make one? Or one for people who live in Holland?

    I believe that while this is an English language site, and we don't want it to be full of posts most of us wouldn't be able to read, it would still be good to have particular language-speakers able to connect for a host of reasons.

    Such as helping one another through Adisc it their English exists but they have trouble asking about technical issues; this would enable them to ask and receive answers to make them better able to navigate the site, for instance.

    It would connect people with not just their language in common, but probably their location: most Dutch speakers probably living in Holland.

    Travellers to Holland eventually might have fellows to be tour guides, people to help plan trips, call on in emergenies, help with learning the language

    Adisc is a large, thriving, expanding site that serves its members and is focused on their well-being, and offers emotional support, including being a friendly space where we can be without condemnation, being misunderstood, treated as people to "cure" or anything but people finding acceptance, and embraced for who they are.

    But within this mandate its role is limited in some ways: which stem in large part from our mixing adults and teens, some as young as 13. So we do NOT offer porn, dating, or catering to fetish roleplay; those are all wonderful things but they are better handled by the sites that specialize in them. So many of us are on multiple sites, getting the best of both worlds.

    We're a great source of information, encouragement, friends (especially friends with more than diapers and ageplay in common,) and high quality posts (funny, well-written, useful, informative.)

    So welcome; you offer some new perspectives, and sound like a person worth getting to know, especially for others in your country and who speak your language.

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    Welcome here.

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    I guess I wasn't the only Dutch guy who was alerted to the existence of this site! Welcome!

    (I'm not sure if you know me, but whatever =P)

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