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Thread: Pampers now in New Zealand Supermarkets

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    Default Pampers now in New Zealand Supermarkets

    WOW, when I was in the local supermarket I was stunned to see that New Zealand has Pampers.

    Now, we only go up to a size 6 and knowing I would never ever ever fit them I still decided to buy the packet as I wanted to see what the hype of the pampers were......

    Now first, wow they are thin!
    2nd the smell, this is one hell of a smell that just sends you into dreamland... none of our (huggies, treasures, baby love) have this smell.
    3rd SOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo Cute.

    No idea what I am gonna do with them, maybe use them as stuffers... or even give them to a friend who has a child that would fit them.

    But over all, I can see why you like them, and just wished we had them when I was a child.

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    You know...the Huggies versus Pampers divide runs deep in the US. From what I can see around the ABDL community, a majority appear to prefer Pampers; they seem to cull alot of nostalgia. I've always been pro-Huggies. To me, there cuter (Mickey), usually thicker and still have a nice smell. I guess that's the nice thing about choice! ^_^

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    That's great. It is always nice to try a product you have had your eyes on for a while. I have a question about babylove however; How do their training pants and nite pants compare to drynites and huggies pull ups? That is assuming you have tried their products for toddlers and older kids. If you haven't, then sorry to bother you.

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