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Thread: any 38y/o with permanent incontinence

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    Default any 38y/o with permanent incontinence

    i am a 38y/o fit and healthy with lower back disk problem and arthritis in my lower back had three head injuries on as a kid and to concutions a few years ago and i had two minor car accidents no one hurt but has any one my age have lost totall control or starting to lose totall control of there bladder and bowles because of one or any of the things i said and if so then what did you do did you go to a doctor and did any thing happen or what im really in need to know please asap of any one else with the same things as me please thank you

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    same sort of prob with me.Through my 30s and four back ops prob arose as they tried to fix a birth defect, and a facture in a vertabra. Things went way wrong and I'm my back blows! along with lost controll ever since. Only good thing to come from it is they pay for my needs. Back ops are NOT a sure thing ,and things can go way off!

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    i think some times the surgery or meds the doc. wants to do or put you on never works so id rather have to deal with diapers what about you

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    I've gone through to many tests, and will NOT do anymore! The doc always say more surgery may fix it. NO NO NO more, it gets worse each time. Nothing will ever go up there again if I have any say at all! Put me out cause I ain't doin it again. Went the pill route too. Boy can that mess with your body. Dried me out so much a couldn't hardly blink, just no moisture at all. Diapers don't hurt anyway, and they make ya feel secure. No leaks, or infections, so yes I'd rather deal with the diapers. My honey has made it as fun as she can and helps out alot. Takes a load off when knowing your honey is on your side!

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    I have to agree with Honker. My self 8 yrs ago I was in a crash and herinated L1-S1 which left me with a neurogenic bladder. I also am active and fit and work in emergency services. I was told that surgery would not only fix my back but stop the incot well back is better but incont really isn't the bowel accidents stopped but still no control over my bladder for the most part. At times I will get and urge but for the most part no crontrol. I have tried meds, cathing, texas caths and hoestly diapers were the best for me. Since I stopped cathing and just wearing a diaper no more UTI's less doctor visits. I really wish for this to stop but no more surgery for me and hate taking meds. I personally kinda accepted this and kinda in a weird way like the ab side too I have to wear a diaper how bout make it fun while doing it. hope this helps and good luck

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    I am older - but had problems when I was between 30-40 which have over the years become worse. What really encourages me is the way you guys have accepted a difficult situation and made the best of it - I wish I had learned earlier that (for me anyway) there wasn't going to be a magic cure - life is a lot more simple just getting on with living with something I don't want - but have to endure.

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    My incontinence start about 4yrs ago when I was about 44. I have neuogenic bladder not because of a back injury but the doctors say it is from having injections into my spine and the medications that were used.
    They don't think back surgery will fix anything and that there isn't a fix other than taking out my bladder which is a major surgery. As of now, unless my kidneys are in trouble, I two will not have any surgery to fix anything.
    If all I have to do is wear good diapers to keep living a quality of life that I am then that is what I will do. It's much easier to change a wet diaper than wet pants or recover from surgery.

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    There was nothing to do except to accept it. My wife was Awsome from the start! She would bring home big bags of diapers, and just start playin around. With her accepting me as the same guy but, a new and differnt guy. It made me feel much more love as we just worked it out together. Over the years she has pulled many tricks out of her hat to make the situation more bearable. Really turned it into a fun game at home as well as out.

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    A bit of humour helps I guess - I had a fathers day card today which depicted a pair of boxer shorts hanging on a clothes line - A not very subtle message, but at least it wasn't a picture of a diaper delivery van!

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    I have been urinary and fecal incontinent since birth due to neurological issues and congenital birth defects. i had several surgeries during my infancy to try and correct some of the issues but those were to no avail and i have always had severe urinary and fecal incontinence...i also deal with disabilities including SPD(same as spddan) i also have bad kidneys and my digestive tract is also messed im all a mess but i live happily even though i have my moments where my incontinence has caused problems

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