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Thread: Old Mtv Film with a kid wearing a Diaper

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    Default Old Mtv Film with a kid wearing a Diaper

    I remember seeing an advertisement for an MTv movie back in the 90's that piqued my interest at the time. In once scene on the short TV preview I saw, it showed a teenager sitting on what looked like the living room floor wearing only a diaper. I don't remember the title or anything else about the preview and never saw the film itself.

    It just came to mind this morning as I was reading another post on Adisc and I wondered to myself if anyone here might have seen it or even have any idea what I am talking about.

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    Doesn't ring a bell, but I could see something like that on a 'addiction' or 'taboo' type show...

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    MTV Films - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you spend enough time looking through trailers or watching the films themselves, here is a list of everything MTV has done as far as I know. Good luck

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    i'm sure you could eliminate a few from the start, you likely have seen a few, and there are only 7 flims from the late 90s, looks like a few cartoons, and trailers are on youtube which might give an idea of the content.

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