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    So I've been a lurker here for a while and haven't had a real inclination to post anything, but I figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself. With this barrier out of the way, maybe I'll really end up contributing.

    I'm a huge fan of pacifiers and have been as long as I can remember. I have a couple of NUK 3's and I'm trying to get comfortable sleeping with them. Diapers are sounding more and more interesting lately, so perhaps I'll give those a try.

    Besides TB interests, I'm interested in computer programming and building stuff in general. I also spend time reading and writing. (And doing homework. Ugh.)

    Thanks to the community for all the interesting content that I've seen here, and I look forward to adding my two cents once in a while.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    If you have trouble sleeping with Nuk 3s, you should try a Nuk 5. They are a little expensive, and only available in the US online as far as I know because they are made in Germany, but they fit much more comfortably in a TB/AB sized mouth. . At least for most of us anyway.

    But again, welcome, and jump right in and have fun! It's a lively bunch here.

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    That sounds alot like me, except in reverse. I was a DL then it progressed to TB/DL!

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    If anything we are full of pacifier experts and aficionados, next to diapers they are the most popular accessory for the well-equipped tb. Welcome here; you'll be glad you joined up.

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    Yet another computer programmer, we get a lot of those here (yours truly included) ^^. Any favourite languages?

    Also, homework suck. Speaking of which, I should work on that stats assignment... anyway, nice to meet you, I hope to see you around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    Yet another computer programmer, we get a lot of those here (yours truly included) ^^. Any favourite languages?
    I do mainly web stuff (all sorts of flavors and frameworks of PHP, HTML, JS, and CSS), but I've toyed with some Java and Python in non-web settings.

    I'd love a NUK 5, but coordinating a covert shipping plan is a little more difficult than biking to the drugstore down the street. And I really like the colors of the NUK 3's, but I don't want to fork over the cash for a cuter (modified) nuk 5. So (as with the diapers), maybe soon.

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    Hmm, programing and building stuff...
    Have you checked out Lego Mindstorms ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortGuy View Post
    Have you checked out Lego Mindstorms ?
    Nope, although they look pretty cool. Programming itself and occasional home repairs are about the extent to which I can satisfy my "building things" impulse at the moment.

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