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Thread: Qualms with thickness.

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    Default Qualms with thickness.

    Alright, I understand, I get it. You want it thick and super cushiony and all that jazz, jive, and mojo. But I must raise a point that crosses my mind since I happen to put it into practice frequently.

    Baby diapers aren't that thick. Really, they aren't. Whenever i see a *B in ridiculously thick diapers I can only chuckle to myself, say it's adorable, but think how much cuter they may be in a diaper that replicated the thickness of a babies diaper. Y'unno, one that allowed movement for playtime?

    Now of course, scale is everything, and I have found that one cloth diaper and a stuffer or 1 designer diaper (Bambino, dry 24/7, ect), with or without one stuffer generally suffices enough (although Dry's get ridiculously cute without the stuffer anyways). This, plus "toddler" clothing and I feel a wave of happy regression wash over me.

    So to fit in a question, anyone else have this epiphany?

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    well i wouldn't call it an epiphany myself but i never get the obsession with thickness. As long as its comfortably thick enough to absorb stuff anything else seems to be overkill I mean all it does it cost a lot more money :P

    And you're right in the sense that you never see babies or toddlers in diapers that thick in fact I have never heard of a child being double diapered or anything you often see in much of the ab/dl fiction in the community.
    But then i suppose it depends on the reason you are wearing diapers really ^^

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    Today's baby diapers are definitely not thick, which is one reason I don't care for Pampers size 7, Pull-ups, or Goodnites. But when I wear a Dry 24/7 with a couple boosters I feel almost like I'm wearing a baby diaper from the 80s when they had those thicker plastic-backed diapers. I just don't care to wear the type of diaper that babies are wearing these days. It seems to be a matter of personal preference, like cloth or disposable, I guess.

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    I think it's more important to experience the aspects of the diaper than to be identical to the reality. For that, exaggerating the elements can provide a better experience. More padding, more crinkling, etc. It's like remembering how you used to like chocolate when you were a kid. Eating a single hersheys kiss like you used to get as a treat is nice, but an entire chocolate bar is better.

    I personally don't care about an exact match to anything. I'm just DL, not AB, and maybe that disqualifies me here, but I want a good diaper experience, and that for me means decently thick padding, good absorption, noticeable crinkle, obvious well-fitted leak guards/cuffs, large tapes, elastic waistbands, smooth but firm plastic shell, etc.

    I don't care what I wore when I was a baby, trying to closely match that is not my goal.

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    Once upon a time they were thick. For instance, I was raised in cloth, and there are pics of me in surprisingly thick cloth diapers, especially one hilarious one of me at about one year old after my grandpa made and gave me an entire box of instant chocolate pudding. From what my mom says now, I managed to get pudding everywhere, including in the diaper!

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    Hell, when I was a baby I didn't even wear disposables. Yet I have zero interest in cloth diapers.

    For a lot of people, the sensations are more important than technical accuracy. And the smoothness of the plastic and the squishiness of thick padding does it all for me.

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    I think that I would agree with what has already been said: the appeal is the fantasy of being a baby, not the reality. If we were being truly realistic then we would have shitty (no pun intended) diapers, even shittier food and be unintelligible. I just love the feeling of being padded to the point where I have to waddle :P

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