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Thread: Imaginary Friends. Who still has on that they talk to?

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    Default Imaginary Friends. Who still has on that they talk to?

    I didn't or cant remember having an imaginary friend. Even in the second grade I found the very idea rather silly. I did have a little voice in my head that would say bad things about me (and i'm not kidding here) but I don't really think that counts. But I do have one now that I'm a babyfur XD.

    He's a large blood red tiger with a white under belly. He's about 7 feet at the shoulder, 5 feet wide, and extra fluffy. :3 But he's a huge softy like a big affectionate dog. Still can't think of a name for him though.

    Fair warning he likes to lick people. alot o.o

    How about everyone else? Anyone have an imaginary friend they talk to or play with? :3

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    i like to think i have an imaginary friend because it sounds better then just saying i talk to myself when im bored :P

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    Sometimes when I get depressed I hype myself up by taking on a not-depressed persona and debating with it, but it doesn't have any physical characteristics. Just something I do to keep myself going during winter.

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    Well he is kinda an imaginary friend and kinda not. I talk to my fursona Kuei.

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    Yes, kinda...

    On occasion I imagine this small, curious, childlike cat boy that follows me around and I explain various things to him that he doesn't fully understand. But I think it's more or less my own way of explaining things to myself that I'm not so sure I understand. Or perhaps it's because I wish I had someone to explain things to me properly when I was little.

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    i never understood why,but i talk with myself in my head just like i had an 'anoying orange' in my head(idk if ya know anoying orange...)
    anyway it anoye me alot and i alway say(think) hey ya know what?oh yea you know,your myself!soemtime i have fun but when im in bad mood,oh damn it multiply my bad mood!!
    im like 'stop saying that stop syaing that stop saying that' but its myself who 'say that'(all that happen inside my head)

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    I think mine evolved to a case of Schizophrenia. Because I always talk to this person who's like an entity viewing the world thru me but to me exist in an ethereal plane of existence, they often help me determine right and wrong.

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    I did have an imaginary friend, but she decided I wasn't cool enough to hang around with any more.... *sniff*

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