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Thread: Changing religions

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    Question Changing religions

    I havent been on Adics for awhile ( I kinda stoped wearing diapers and I've been going through some life problems right now), but when im on here kinda feel that i can trust the opinions, comment, and thoughts from everyone. So I am thinking about changing religions ( Why you maybe ask, well i dont have an effing clue why I am doing it either), but the religion that i would like to become I feel that it might hinder my DL life. ( Im becoming Mormon). What should i do ? Change religions and not being able to find a wife that might be DL, or should i not change religions and continue being who i am ?

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    I don't see how wearing diapers would be against Mormonism, why the switch to that of all religions? (just curious)

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    Understandable thank you, I really dont know why i am doing it, one day i saw some missionaries and I decided to talk to them

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    I dunno i mean deciding to change your personal beliefs should be a big deal to yourself you should really examine what your doing and why you're doing it several times from different perspectives before you make such a decision.

    Without being offensive why do it at all if you dont have a reason become a ninja instead ? or worhsip the old thor gods ? i dunno it jsut seems confsuing to me XD

    but anyway from what i understand of Mormonism there is nothing against diapers in it ^^

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    Being an atheist/aspiring scientist I would advise you to strongly consider leaving religion altogether. That may be unhelpful in the circumstances, so I'll offer my further thoughts, though you may feel justified in ignoring them if you choose to do so. I think at the end of the day, it comes down to what you, as an individual, believe. If your beliefs contradict the religion to which you belong, I would recommend leaving that religion, whether to join another or simply to go your own way, with or without belief in god. To remain in a religion which holds values you disagree with is not being who you are, it's being dishonest, both to yourself and others. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, no matter what you decide, and hope you find happiness in your (not too distant) future.

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    How would it hinder your DL life? What I take from your post you're mainly afraid you wont be able to find a partner that shares your interest. But I don't know.. they seem to be in short supply anyway, and they believe all sorts of things.. there's bound to be at least one or two mormons among them. I don't think changing religions is something you decide on: you either believe something, or not... and if you feel that it's your path to take, take it.

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    you can be a christian without holding to a religion.

    not going into detail because it'd take too long but, if you believe in the way of christ, just follow the way of christ. you don't have to attend any church nor abide by/pander to anybody else's political views.
    it sort of reminds me of the issue of 'having' to worship god (pray, attend church ,etc) that i faced when i was younger; i concluded that god would know if i'm thankful or not and if i was good or not, so all the church attendance stuff was just about showing off to others.

    if you want the social communion of religion and churchdom, fine, but it's not compulsary within christianity.

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    I would like to thank everyone who commented on this. Alot of your opinions are true (no matter what religion I am i should enjoy the life i want, whether my future wife is a DL or not it shouldnt matter.) I think i really need to take a deep look in the window of my life and judge whether changing religion is a good choice.

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    I personally dont think that you should "become a religion"

    I REALLY dont think that ANYONE has any right to tell you what you should believe and what you shouldnt.

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    When you worry about finding a DL wife in your new religion, you start to sound disingenuous, in my opinion. Serious people don't adhere to (or shy away from) their particular religion (or lack thereof) because they think it will have an impact on their ability to find a suitable partner. Religion is a deeply personal choice that should depend solely on one's beliefs about life, a higher power, the afterlife, etc., not about the number of *B/DLs in it. I don't mean to sound overly harsh or critical, but I think you need to take a more serious look at your religious beliefs.

    Also, for everyone saying that there's nothing against diapers in Mormon ideology, I don't think drewx meant that literally. I think, rather, he meant that Mormons are typically very socially conservative, and let's face it, social conservatives don't like deviant fetishes like ours.

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