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Thread: Baby oil eats through diapers?

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    Default Baby oil eats through diapers?

    I used baby oil for the first time last night instead of powder while wearing a tranquility atn. It seemed to hold up alright through the night, and after a couple wettings in the morning I decided it was time to shower. When I went to take the diaper off, I noticed that the leak guards had separated from the diaper along almost all of their length. A few seconds later, the sides of the diaper in the crotch area opened up (on both sides) and all the gel slid out onto the floor. I've never seen this happen with any diaper before, so I was wondering if the oil could be dissolving the adhesive in the diaper? I was amazed to see how much of the diaper had come apart as I rushed to get the gel off the floor.

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    My best guess would be that there is a chemical in the oil that causes the adhesive material to separate from the cloth/plastic. Another possibility is that it's just the batch of diapers you acquired; defective maybe? Hope you figure out why this is happening, I'd love to know the outcome.

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    That was the second or third one that I had worn out of the pack, and I did not have any issues with the first ones. I'm doubtful that it's a defective pack, but I'll try again tonight with powder instead and see if it happens again.

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    I have found that using baby oil has caused my Abena XPlus to do the same thing if I wear them to long. This has happened to me with other brands too.

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    I have only really used baby oil to soothe my diaper area after shaving. I am looking forward to trying it out in diapers sometime soon though. =D

    I'll let you know if I have similar results.

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    I've never had the diaper split like that, but for me every time I've used an ATN, the leak guard came off as you describe.

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    Really? I've had a couple packages of ATNs and have never seen the leak guards detach from the diaper itself.

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    I know that baby oil does indeed dissolve the adhesive on the tapes. I imagine that a similar adhesive could be used on the leg guards as well. The only problem I've experienced with baby oil personally is the need to use duct tape/ packing tape because the tapes on the diaper won't stick. I guess a solution would be to wait 20 mins or so to "air out" after applying baby oil. Hope that's helpful.

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