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    Alright Well I've been thinking about buying a 4 in 1 stand for my wii, painting it black with other little things (add some more leds into the bottom maybe some other stuff).

    Anyways I would like to know, would it be a void of my warrenty on my wii if I was to paint the casing black? I really would like to and have a lot of ideas for it.

    Also if you guys have any console mods show em off =D, I've been thinking of modding my original xbox to look really cool.

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    I wouldn't advise anyone to mod their consoles until after the warranty is up and they know exactly what they are doing. On that note I want to pop a IDE hard drive in the back of my PS2 so I can burn PS2 games onto the hard drive. I would just rent them from gamefly and play them from the hard drive. Anyways I don't fashion mod my consoles though I will to my next computer which I will build myself (order all the parts and put it together myself).

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    I didn't really mod my PS3, but I did try to put a small LED in the controller where the PS button is to make it glow I ended up breaking the controller and had to buy a new one lol XD

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    XD yeah my warranty ran off of my original xbox, and my gamecube, my PS2 never had one because it was used, at least I don't think it did -,-... but my wii still has one and that's why I'm worrying about it XD

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