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Thread: Oh man my diapers dont fit me

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    Default Oh man my diapers dont fit me

    So i placed an order with metromedicalonline a few weeks ago for some sampples - i got Prevail PM Overnight Briefs

    I loved it so i placed an for a bag - now i got it only too find out that they dont fit
    Turns out i was sent a large marked as a med - so yeah now i dont have any money to buy new ones ( i have to pay out of pokect ) and im stuck with a fucking bag that doesnt fit me

    WTF can i do ?

    I'v emailed them but i dont think im going to get a refund or a new bag that fits me - im a sad panda right now

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    They have to give you a new pack. A mismarked package is a blatantly obvious failure on their part.

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    Sell/give the large to one of the DL's on this site. And yes, they should give you the proper size if it was mistakenly labelled or a refund.

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    Instead of emailing them, why not call them and explain what happened? Most reputable places would correct the mistake.
    Personal contact/touch is way more effective than emails when dealing with customer service.

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    If you can't return them sell em on ebay or craigslist.

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    Use them as doublers/stuffers. maybe you can use one for that F-BOMB YOU dumped. Seems quite inappropate!
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