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Thread: FireFox 4 failed - Wife found internet history

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    Default FireFox 4 failed - Wife found internet history

    Well, this is a continuation of sorts, yet a new topic, so I posted it as a new thread since this has a new element. Some time ago I posted the thread "possible Marriage Problem(s). Many of you responded with various inputs. Thank you for your input and opinions. It has helped to know I am not the only one going through this sort of thing. Now on to the new element of my situation which is why I posted this a new and different thread.

    With out going into needless detail already covered in my OP of possible marriage problem(s), it is no secret that I am married and my wife greatly disapproves of anything AB/DL. Well, I have since thrown out ALL diapers and anything to be used with diapers ( I had no AB items to throw out, just diapers and diaper materials).
    So, with all that stuff out of the house, I began going online and reading and looking at AB/DL material. I have a U3 USB flash drive that has a portable version of FireFox 4 loaded on it. I thought I was flying under the radar with my activities, that is until my wife somehow found a way to find a history of images or web pages I’ve been going to. I am puzzled because I thought FireFox 4 was supposed to be a ‘private’ web browser that left behind NO history of my internet activities.
    By the way, this is on ‘her’ computer because my computer lost its hard drive due to a mechanical malfunction. She said all she had to do was go to ‘History’ and then to MyComputer and there was the list of what I’ve been accessing. I am irritated at my current situation. I am getting to feel like my wife is acting like a warden by watching my every move, questioning what I do. I feel like I am under a microscope each and everyday.

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    I can't really offer any advice on your marriage, but I do know that the default settings for Firefox are that it saves history. In order for it not to save history, you have to go into the options and uncheck the "save history" box or enable private browsing.

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    I hate to say it but if she can't trust you how can you trust her. Every relationship with trust issues hits rock bottom eventually and rarely climbs its way back out. Assuming you tried talking to her, explaining to her, tried to help her understand in any light what-so-ever how big of a deal this is for you and she still acts this way and snoops through your stuff like you are a teenager fresh out of juvenile detention then there are some serious issues.

    All relationships should have open communication about all the important details but when my girlfriend starts snooping through my texts, web history, drawers or whatever she's snooping through it's time to hit the road.

    What your wife is doing is disrespectful, mean, and straight up nasty. I don't know her nor do I know what you see in her as I only know you as an entity on the other side of a monitor somewhere so I can't tell you what course of action would be the best to take. All I know is her actions boil my blood and I don't even know the lady.

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever road you may take. But know this, if she's like this now and it's only a relatively new marriage (couple years) the trust is not going to get any better and you'll find yourself kicking your own rear wondering why you put up with it so long


    I really do hope the best for you and that you find yourself in a brighter light in the future!

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    Did you erase your history after each time you were on? I always erase my history, just because should my computer crash and I had to take it to be repaired, I don't want Best Buys seeing my diaper related history. If you cleared your history, "Clear All" on Firefox, it should have cleared everything.

    As for your wife, it was her computer, so you are somewhat at fault. That aside, you have some serious issues with your marriage and your wife. The fact that you've gotten rid of your diapers and baby stuff is sufficient. Now she wants you to get rid of your mind. Since that can't happen she either has to accept how your brain works, or it's time to part ways.

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    Well, the impasse you seem to have reached here might actually be a path to another sort of resolution. Dogboy makes an interesting point about "getting rid of your mind". I would submit that now is probably a good time to sit down with your wife, probably in front of a licensed psychologist (not a "marriage counselor") and discuss the issue candidly, that getting rid of all the paraphernalia and the physical indulgences doesn't change the way you're wired, no matter how much she desires otherwise.

    And, maybe, this does wind up being the break point for the marriage, but maybe someone who actually understands the deep-seated nature of fetishes telling your wife that you have literally done everything you can, and that the sacrifices you have already made are causing you considerable anxiety and stress, not to mention the constant fear that she will "catch you" finding other outlets for it. Maybe having someone who really knows what the heck they're talking about telling her that this is a part of you that she cannot just wish away, nor can you, will change her perspective a bit.

    Or maybe I'm just wishful thinking on your behalf...

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    You probably should have told her about anything abdl before you got married. Then you wouldn't have to hide anything from your wife which is where all the communication problems seem to be starting IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambino834 View Post
    You probably should have told her about anything abdl before you got married. Then you wouldn't have to hide anything from your wife which is where all the communication problems seem to be starting IMO.

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    If you had read the OP's previous posts you would have seen that he did admit his AB/DL side before they got married.

    However, from the sounds of it the issue wasn't big enough to derail the wedding, but now it seems it's becoming a problem.

    Personally speaking, I moved from another province to be with my current girlfriend. I told her just before I moved of my desires so she wouldn't have freaked coming home to me in a diaper and having to answer really awkward questions. I was extremely lucky that she was accepting. I thank God every day for that. If she hadn't, I think I would have still gone through with moving, but it's something too ingrained in my personality that I would be able to let go.

    It would have probably ended up the way previous posters have suggested, in conversations with your wife and if that isn't fruitful, perhaps professional help. I think for a lot of people just knowing you are willing to go that far can show how important an issue like this can be to you. Being your wife, She should know when her soul mate is lacking a part of his life and his complete self and not try and hinder that. At the same time, I can completely understand how hard it can be for someone to deal with a kink like this and not be resistant. We are very misunderstood and misjudged which is one of the downsides to this special bond we have with our diapers.

    It's a difficult situation for all.

    I wish you and your wife all the best and hope there is a happy resolution for you both, and I'm sorry to hear you got caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambino834 View Post
    You probably should have told her about anything abdl before you got married. Then you wouldn't have to hide anything from your wife which is where all the communication problems seem to be starting IMO.

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    PLDC is spot on, and you're way out of line here. Good idea to be abreast of the whole situation before you come down hard like this.

    I got lucky, in that I suppressed this shit for years, and only came out to my wife (nearly 2 years after our wedding) because I felt like she might just understand, with her background. My gut feeling was right. She wasn't super-excited by it, but she has consistently been willing to indulge me, and it has been something of a doorway to exploring other components of both of our sexual fantasies/desires/etc.

    I emphasize, I got lucky that the woman I love is a hell of a lot different than most women I've met.

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    Sorry to hear that it's not working out. I think it's the kind of problem we're all dead scared of having one day: coming out and it not being accepted. I really can't help you there, you can't stop liking diapers and maybe she can't stop being grossed out by it. If that's the case, professional help won't be able to change that either. So you're gonna have to make a hard choice. If you both choose to continue the relationship you'll have to accept that going around her back to watch ab stuff on her computer does make you look bad (in her eyes), it'll seem like you're untrustworthy. If you tell her that you will stop doing it, and keep on doing it... understandable as that is for me, you're lying to her and she'll take it as a lie and stop trusting you, which she already has if she's digging around for internet history. For her, it's as if you're cheating on her.

    On the other hand, if you both want to continue the relationship, and try to make it work. Just like you can't be going around her back, she is going to have to accept that you have this desire, and that it's a part of you. She doesn't have to indulge, or even like it, but you can't deny what's there.

    Best of luck, man. I feel for you and I hope you're able to make it work for the both of you, I really do.

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    That sucks!

    This is pretty much the worst situation possible, isn't it?

    I don't understand, though, shouldn't she want you to be happy?
    Even if she doesn't approve, she should at least let you do your thing in private...
    This doesn't sound like too healthy of a marriage.

    Like everyone else said, maybe you should try to talk it out.
    Good luck!

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