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    Lets start wit a bit of theory before we begin; I thought larger nappies means a larger padding area and more fun etc. I new of the probable leaks issues due to the incorrect fitting, but I don't wet or mess so it doesn't matter, and I was ready to begin. I ordered some Abri-Form (Air Plus) X-Large Extra Plus, sat back and waited for their arrival.

    They are huge, for me anyway. Exactly what I wanted. But, alas, there were a few unexpected complications that I thought I should share.

    1: Snugness, I was hoping for a snug or tight fit. I did them up as best I could but nothing seemed to work, they just didn't hug me like I expected or wanted. Nevermind there was enough padding floating around to make up for it.......

    2: Extra padding, too much in fact. It all bunched up in the middle creating what could best be described as a a rolled up news paper, Or atleast thats what it felt like. Doh.

    3: What do I do with them now? Wear them of course, what did you think I was going to do?

    I have managed to devise a work-around should you find yourselves in a similar situation. Its quite simple; tight clothes. rather, tight underware. I had an old pair of tight boxer shorts and put them on over the nappy. This helped greatly with the snugness and aided the rolled-up-paper problem, I couldn't realy find a solution to that other than standing, or sitting, legs wide apart. Not good if you want to go out or if you not about to be padded down by security checking for hidden baby powder.

    Anyway I have learnt my lesson and will be getting the corect size next time. I hope this will help anyone considering something similar.

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    I had a similar issue with large Attends. I wound up wearing them over two Depends. I put on the first Depends and tore the plastic in the crotch so the diaper would leak. I put on a second Depends over the first and tore the plastic on that one, too. I then put on the Large Attends and left those intact. Was a great combination for overnight!

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