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Thread: So, About them Mass Effect 3s.

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    Default So, About them Mass Effect 3s.

    Apparently, it will be possible for both male/female players to have same sex relations in the game.

    Are they just trying to get more publicity? The news made a big deal when they found out about sex, what about this?

    There are sources, A developers twitter and some announcement. Check out Ballerina Maffia (gag-a-day Comic strip by the creator of Concession. Author Immalman has an account here.)

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    My first reaction to this: Liara of Garus, who the heck am I going to chose? I love them both ><

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    ME3's plot is going to be a fucking trainwreck. Calling it right now.

    Enjoy your dating sim.

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    I'm totally making a complete douche that is tapping Legion... <--- should totally be an option. I'm too cool for flesh. D:<

    Honestly, I'm glad they did this. It always bugged me that girls could be with girls (Liara) but guys couldn't. Seemed both sexist, and like the "lol girlongirl" was all that was being considered.

    New thought... Wrex. That is all.

    I'll probably forgo all relations in the game, except once for the achievement. I don't like any of the female characters (except possibly Jack in cas she has hopefully mellowed out a bit), and I don't think any of the male characters are gay, and will therefore play the game as if they were broskis and try to avoid hitting on them, if the pesky dialog trees don't trick me.

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    The only thing that will kill Mass Effect 3 is if it ends up having Kinect-only achievements. I'm all about the same-sex relationships, but I am anti-Kinect at this point, and hearing that ME3 will be Kinect-compatible is very sad news indeed.

    If the Kinect did allow for body movements to be used to direct the action in the gay sex scenes, however - the possibilities are endless. :P

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    i think its cool that there is an option for same sex relationships
    i just hope its not like dragon age 2 where every character i bi
    it just struck me as a little odd that you could have a relationship with everyone
    i don t mean to offend anyone, but it is a little unrealistic

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    It doesn't matter. The one thing bioware always got wrong were the love stories of the mass effect and dragon age games. They also never show anything of sustainable value to even be considered erotic in my book.

    Asides this.

    "and I jizzed in mah pants!!!"

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    I don't think it's to get more publicity, doesn't seem like Bioware to generate attention like that.. They seemed genuinely surprised when Fox singled out the sex scenes in the first one. You don't even see them get naked.
    It's good that they now allow gay relations, but I still don't really care for relations in games. That's because I still don't really care about the characters in games, they're not convincing as persons with their robotic animations and static faces, so it's hard to get emotionally invested. Woohoo! pixels pixels..sitting in a tree..K.I.S.S.. yeah, like whatever. It feels kind of tacked on and inconsequential in Mass Effect, you get some extra cutscenes and dialogue, that's it.

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    I still think that the king of entertaining sexual content in video games is "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards". Nothing else even comes close to that.

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