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    We just joined this community and thought it might be a good idea to write a short introduction about us. We are two diaper guys from The Netherlands, living together. One of us is AB and the other is DL and a kind of daddy.

    We have our own nursery and are quite active in the Dutch Diaper community and visit lots of meetings in The Netherlands and Camp Blöja in Sweden.

    You can visit our site at WelkomIt is in Dutch, but you can use Google Translate to read it in English: Google Translate

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    It's great you have each other and it's great to know there are fellow abdl's in touch with each other. It's important for us to know we exist and that there is an accepting community. It might be an idea for you to each have a profile; institutions like camps, social groups, clubs, academic journals all offer support in different ways, but each has its own rules and conventions. Adisc is no different, and the rules are all based around this being a support site which mixes ages 13+.

    Adisc has no choice but to be fussy about narrowly defining the kinds of support it gives; part of that is a matter of legality, part ethics, and part good taste. It is also incumbent on this site to recognize that we exist within a larger ecosystem, and it fulfills a carefully worked out agenda that complements those of other sites: mostly ones for over 18's, like porn sites, dating sites, fur & babyfur sites and so on. All our under 18's will be adults sooner or later and I believe part of being a supportive community is holding the door ajar to allow a peek at the larger abdl world waiting in the wings.

    But I for one would love to hear more PG13 stuff about you guys, what manner of fun and frolic you can mention... Our members will all hit 18 down the road and should look forward to all the opportunity their natural inclinations will offer!

    This is a larger world, and there are thousands of us in it. You guys represent some of the opportunities that world has to offer; let's give our brothers and sisters something to look forward to !

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